Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Just like BINGO but for the little ones.
Sometimes Bingo can be a little over-whelming
for younger children. 
There are alot of squares to keep track of after all!
This game has just enough squares to keep things
Fun and Exciting!
Each packet will include:
16 "BOO" Cards
as well as the
Calling Cards.
Squares can be marked with
Halloween M&M's or Candy Corn.
Here's the 5x7 PDF:
Here's the Calling Card PDF:
Thanks for being so patient!
Sometimes these Big Fella's take a minute!
Halloween is a BOO-tiful thing!
Today's Ark Prep 101
Is . . .
(One of my absolute FAVORITE things!)
Check Back Later Today!


Becky said...

Okay, so I'm in Norman, OK but would love this little Boo Game for my son's class party. Can I order it from you somehow? Or do I go to Alphagraphics online? Please let me know, it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

You can have it printed anywhere. Just save the PDF to a memory stick and take it to your local copy center. They should be able to take it from there. You can also send them the PDF in an email.
Hope that helps!
Let me know if you have any other problems.

The Nielson's said...

I love this Bingo game you created. I would love to use it for a Halloween Playgroup Party at Church. I am having trouble accessing the files. Each time I clink on the links, it sends me to the google groups page, which I have joined. Is there something that I am not doing right? Thanks!

Prepared Not Scared said...

Google group no longere stores files so I had to move them to Media Fire.
Try this link:
The blue folders on the top right side now have all of the old google group files.
Hope that helps!
Let me know if you have any other problems.