Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vital Records!

Conference was AMAZING!
There was so much to think about that I thought
it would be a good day to deveate from the regular posting schedule
and just focus on the messages we heard during CONFERENCE!
I wanted to focus on how I can apply the things I learned,
in my home with my family.
My cup has been filled to over-flowing and I can't
wait to act on some of the thoughts I had as I listened.
We'll catch up on the Vital Records Assignments
next week.
Hope You Have A Great Night!
Plan on Lot's of
Halloween Games and Ideas
This Coming Week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your efforts, we used your conference match game. And I loved a previous post from you about simple Christmas neighbor gifts...gotta love it as I start thinking ahead for stuff like this :)

Anonymous said...

Someone recommended this blog to me, and the title intrigued me - "Prepared Not Scared". But I was disappointed to find hardly anything having to do with the title. Most of your blog entries just magnify your beautiful blogger award.

Instead of focusing on being cute, why not provide valuable information for someone wanting to be truly prepared for the future??

America AND many other countries around the world ARE sinking. If you think otherwise, take your head out of the sand do research. You should help prepare people for the collapse.

It just ticks me off to find people claiming to help others get "prepared" for the future with their blogs when they're really just relishing in their beautiful blogger awards and blogging about useless topics.

Try to help people understand that the US dollar is collapsing, and that the purchasing power of their money is decreasing, and HOW they can preserve the little wealth they may have in their bank accounts.

Help them understand HOW to live in an economy where jobs are disappearing and prices in stores are going up (price for food is increasing... IN WALMART!).

Teach them how the US government is sending mobile x-ray vehicles to spy in people's homes WITHOUT warrants, and are blasting them with harmful x-rays that are 10X more powerful than chest x-rays at the hospital.

If you don't know about these things, look them up!! Find out about them and teach people how to survive REALITY and what is just around the corner, and stop focusing on "cute" little Halloween ideas that have nothing to do with your blog.

Considering the amount of posts you have, and the fact that you have contests for website visitors, I'm sure you get a bunch of visitors. You have a gift you can give - the gift of extremely valuable education to many visitors.

We, as Latter-day Saints, have a glorious future ahead of us. As the scriptures say, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear". If you know what's going on in the world and in our own country, you can prepare for it. And if you know the types and shadows in the scriptures, they will help you prepare.

Think of 3 Nephi, where Christ visits the Nephites. The events right before his coming are a type and shadow of our day, before the 2nd coming. There are 3 "breakups" that it talks about in chapters 6-11.

The 1st breakup is that of the Church. No, the church isn't going to fall apart and the Prophet and apostles lead us astray. Its more of a cleansing... a sifting. Those who are "firm, steadfast and immovable" will remain while those who are living off borrowed light are going to fall away.

(to be continued...)

Anonymous said...


The 2nd breakup is that of the government, and it happens in the same year as the breakup of the church. The people separate into "tribes" or groups in order to live and survive.

The 3rd breakup is that of the elements, and these will happen a little bit after the first 2 breakups. There are going to be natural disasters, such as have never been seen before in our days.

Then... Christ comes.

Something I want to point out about General Conference is that for the last couple years, not one speaker has mentioned a word about a year's supply of food storage. Do you know why? I make it a point each session to see if they do, and this time, once again, they didn't.

They've stopped NOT because that commandment has been lifted, or that the Brethren have given up. They've stopped because they aren't allowed to preach it anymore. The US government has placed the church on an anti-government watch list for preaching "food storage". Our church isn't the only one on that list, mind you, and it doesn't take much to get on that list. Preaching "food storage" makes the government think that we are telling our people that the government will fail.

We, of course, know it will. The church HAS to be extremely careful about what it says in general conference because Big Brother (the US government) is watching closely now and will jump on our backs for almost anything. Don't believe me? Just keep an open ear for what the Church is saying publicly nowadays compared to what it used to.

Anyway, please, prepare your website visitors for hard times that ARE approaching. You've got a voice (an internet voice), and you know ancient and modern prophets have been prophesying EXTREMELY hard times in the latter-latter-days... use your voice to warn and prepare the people instead of glorifying your "cute" blog.

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I am grateful for your comments and I wonder now if you will take a minute to understand WHY I add some of the cute things to my blog.
I know that you can only see my blog from your point of view and so you are not able to see what is happening on my end.
Every Monday I offer a FHE Lesson. The Prophet's and Apostles have asked us continually to hold regular Family Home Evenings and they continue to do so. The lesson topics are as follows:
Week 1: Primary Theme and Scripture
Week 2: Safety and Preparedness
Week 3: For the Strength of Youth
Week 4: Family History
Week 5: Family Service Projects
Each of these topics are put on my blog to help strengthen families.
Every Tuesday I offer a topic on preparedness.
Every Wednesday I teach a preparedness project.
Every Thursday I share a family activity.
Every Friday I share a canning recipe as well as other ways to preserve food.
Every Saturday I share a food storage recipe that is completely shelf-stable.
Every Sunday I post an assignment for a Vital Records Binder.
The holiday ideas I share are extra's and I'll tell you why I have them. They bring other readers to my post that may have never thought about preparedness. Many of which are now at least doing something. I have had non-members email me and tell me that they are now having FHE with their families. Many of the people who read this blog have now actually cooked or used the food they have stored. They are also putting some money aside for emergencies. It is my opportunity to do missionary work and to share my testimony.
How I thank you for your comments, I have tried to follow the Spirit each day as I post and I feel that I have done my best! I know what is to come and I try very hard to do what I feel is right. I can see that I have fallen short of your expectations and I will definately take them into consideration for future posts.
Tricia Smith

Tammy said...

I don't think "Anonymous" quite gets it. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and have totally enjoyed your creativity. I have been struggling with FHE topics and getting my kids to pay attention at all. In your post today you mentioned being spiritually prepared - well I think your great ideas are helping people do just that. And I agree with what you said in your comment above - you are a missionary and from my perspective are going above and beyond in your calling. I sure hope you'll continue posting if you get released. :) Thanks and keep up the good work!

Liz said...

Tricia, you are doing a GREAT job! Please keep posting what you have always posted. Your website really encourages me and I am slowly, but surely working on my family's preparedness. Your website is beautiful, uplifting, encouraging, positive and very informative! Thanks for all your hard work you do to help the rest of us get prepared!! Keep up the GREAT work!! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you're doing Tricia, we love all that it is. I completely agree with your posts as you are very organized!! The downer post by the anonymous person earlier is way to serious, give me a break you are teaching us to be prepared in ALL areas of our lives and have fun along the way :) We love exactly what you're doing...keep it up, honestly I don't know how you get it all done?!!? It must be that your have your home in ORDER!

Kathy said...

I think now is a good time to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It's obvious how much time and energy you spend on it and it is appreciated. Regarding the previous comments, we, who read your blog, can watch the news and do our own research to know "what's really going on". Most of us who are searching internet blogs like yours, do just that. Your blog provides me with many resources that I use regularly. Love the FHE ideas! Wish I'd read earlier, we talked about this exact topic yesterday. Your preparedness posts are exactly what I need and why I keep checking back. Love the vital records binder! As a family who lived through a house fire, we know how important it is having our documents in a organized and safe place. Sorry so long....just want you to know I appreciate all that you do to share your talents with all of us.

Tara M said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate the 'fun' things as well. Life can't be so fatalistic that we can't enjoy things along the way. Celebrating holidays and 'cute' things are some of the ways we keep our families close and connected-which is very important for the future. My daughter loves doing crafts with me, it is bonding time for us-a time for us to talk and be together, that can't be wrong. I have learned so many important things from you in becoming more prepared-but don't stop doing the fun things too.

Natalie said...

I just want to thank you for the approach you have taken on preparedness. It makes preparedness "approachable" for someone like me. Thank you! THANK YOU!

Natalie said...

PS... AND thanks for all the cute ideas along the way... it keeps me coming back again and again! (I don't remember if I told you I canned your salsa! I 8x-ed it! We are gobbling it up like crazy already! Thanks so much!)

Grannie K said...

Tricia, I love your blog. Your information is great!!! It fills family needs in all areas of the gospel. You help us with family home evenings, preparedness, recipes using food storage, wonderful gift ideas without spending a lot of money (which is at a premium at my house), journaling, the offer to share with our friends and members of our wards. I have personally improved our family and our preparedness in several ways. I appreciate you so much. Your vital records binder puts all of our important information in an easy to get to place in case of an emergency. The Lord has blessed you with a very special talent and I'm so thankful you share it with us.

Anonymous said...

i think you are doing a great job...and your set up for when and what you post needs no fixing. i like how your blog is somewhat universal to those in other countries...being from canada if you were to blog about the falling us dollar and mobile x-ray units i probably wouldn't be interested...your angle on "prepared not scared" shouldn't be questioned. the brethern may not be preaching food storage from the pulpit in general conference but they have not stopped telling us to accquire a food storage. the areas you are helping us prepare for are things that if we are prepared for we won't be scared...we won't be scared about the economic, and societal craziness around us...we may not be able to control how they affect us but we won't be scared spiritually...we will find strength in our faith because we have prepared temporally and spiritually...
i like that i can come on and find ideas to help me prepare for the things we have been taught to prepare for in the church...things that will affect us all at some point not just those states side...thank you for sharing all your hard work, talents and faith with me...
ps: it sounds like the annonymous commentor above has found thier internet voice and should use it to blog about those things that they feel passionately about for the benefit of those with like interests...

amber:) said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work that you have put into your blog. (emphasis on YOUR) I have learned so much, and used a ton of your ideas! My boys are now using the "get ready boxes" and mornings are going so much smoother.
Anyways, it's sad that someone felt the need to put you down and share their "interesting" views with all of us. And the best part, to do it anonymously! Please keep the posts coming- I'm very thankful for all the time and effort you put into YOUR blog.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this person has not looked though your whole blog! It has been a great help to our family to become both physically and spiritualy prepared. Thank you for all of your hard work Tricia!

Karolienkie said...

Tricia you are truely an amazing example to me what it means to be prepeared. I like coming to your site because it's fun and cute. You make preparedness easy and approachable for me.. I have used SO many of your ideas in all areas of my life.

Keep up the good work and thank you for following the Spirit and sharing your gift. I have been sharing your site with so many of my friends, from our faith or not..

Thanks again

Veronica said...

Wow! What a sad comment. Maybe that person needs to create his/her own blog to write about anything they like. If they don't like your blog, just don't read it. Personally, I love your blog, every single idea. I love the games, I love the activities and any help you give for different subjects.Please don't be discouraged because one person doesn't speak for all. There are many of us who think you are doing a WONDERFUL JOB! Thanks

CassiLou said...

Thank you for all of your hard work that you put into your blog. I have been completely overwhelmed with how to get my family prepared. The way you put information out there bit by bit has made it easier for me to handle and I so appreciate that. I probably would have 'left me head in the sand' if I didn't have your blog that broke things down for me and made information manageable. I know I need to be prepared, but I don't have the means or the brain power to get things done all at once. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for ALL of your efforts. You glorify your beautiful talent of creativity that our Heavenly Father has given you.

Not Kim said...

Wow, "anonymous" up there must not take the time to read your whole blog. I came across your blog several weeks ago and LOVE it! I am not in your ward, but I am working on my own Vital Records binder right now. When that's done, I will move on to another of your great projects. I love that you break them down into doable pieces. It has made it much easier for me to tackle such huge projects like a Vital Records binder, food storage, etc. I wouldn't have known where to start with out your advice on the binder. So, THANK YOU!! I also love the other extra things you post, such as halloween ideas.

And, anonymous, hiding behind your anonimity is cowardly. If you are going to criticize people, the least you can do is leave your name and not "hide" just because you are in cyberspace.

Lu said...

I thank you for your wonderful blog. It has helped me and my family become more prepared. I have also shared it with many friends who have likewise found inspiration from it. Thank you for you hard work. I truly love this blog!

Kathy Burton said...

I echo Kari's comment above... I, also, am not in your ward but I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! It's one of the things I look forward to checking every morning because the ideas are relevant and interesting and broken down into manageable bits and creative and beautiful and fun. Please keept it just the way it is!

Anonymous said...

I too love your blog. I have made several comments in other posts telling you this same thing. You have prepared me in so many ways. I ahve put together my 72 hours kits and you remind me to rotate them when the time comes, I have learned how to can this year, I have put together my Vital Records Binder each week with you, I made the emergency stove with you and bought other cooking items, I did the Jar of Candles, I did the Emergency toilet, and I could go on and on. You have truly made me feel more prepared. I love all the extras. I feel that it has brought me closer to my family. You have prepared us as a family to be together and enjoy each other. If an emergency ever does happen then I know my family can pull together and love each other. This whole life is about our families being together forever. Thanks you so much for all your efforts!

Rhonda said...

just wanted to add that I also love this blog. I just found it from another food storage blog when they linked to it. I love the cutesy FUN stuff just as much! We have to lighten up occasionally and make things fun and interesting or we'd go crazy. Thanks for all the time you put into it! :)