Sunday, September 20, 2009

2010 Family Home Evening Sign-Up!

Our plans for 2010 are already in the works and we need your help! We look forward to not only becoming "Temporally Prepared," but "Spiritually Prepared" as well. We have an amazing ward with very talented and inspired people, so we decided . . . why not share our Family Home Evening Ideas with each other!?! The topics are listed and you only have to make one copy of the lesson. How EASY is that? We will be posting a new family home evening lesson every Monday. All you will have to do is print, pray, and present!
Please check the table in the hallway by the south doors to sign up to help plan a Family Home Evening Lesson.
Our Family Home Evening Agenda Plans for Each Month:
Week 1: Primary Theme and Scripture
Week 2: Safety and Preparedness
Week 3: For the Strength of Youth - Mormon Ad
Week 4: Family History - Journal Page
Week 5: Family Activity
We are asking for your help to prepare lessons for weeks 1 and 3.
November 1st is the deadline for completion so that we will have time to change your lessons into PDF's or scan them if we need to and post them on the blog.

We know how talented, creative, and just plain inspired you all are, so we can't wait to be blessed by your talents!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Case Lot Sales!

Harmon's: August 31st-September 20th
Smith's: September 9th
Petersen's: September 15th
Macey's, Dick's, Dan's, Bowman's, Kent's, Winegar's:
September 16th-October 6th
Lin's: End of October