Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Journal Pages

I know Tricia writes amazing posts that captivate your interest and keep you reading until the very last.  However, I am not that gifted in that area, but she needed these posted soooooooo, you get me with my non flowery posts, but HEY, at least there is something to download!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!
P.S. Tricia you are more than welcome to change ANY of this to your words.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Only 4 More Days . . .

Sooooo . . . I think one of my tests for 2010 was to learn PATIENCE!
I have been blessed with opportunity after opportunity to practice this lovely quality . . . in the computer area alone! First it started with the two small power surges that blew my DSL line, followed by an exciting 30 minutes of Internet that was slower than dial up . . . in that brief 30 minutes I managed to download the WHITE SMOKE virus and finished my poor little computer right off . . . FOREVER! I couldn't believe it! I bet you know what is at the top of my Christmas List this year . . . A COMPUTER . . . which just happens to be sitting under my tree as we speak! I tried to ever so gently replace the old computer with the new one, but even with my EXPERT SNEAKING SKILLS. . . . I WAS CAUGHT IN THE ACT! My sweet husband watched with a Grinch-like smile as I carefully rewrapped the gift. I was so close, but I guess I'll have to be patient for 4 more days! In the meantime, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! With any LUCK we should be up and running again very soon!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trish is still here, but her internet still isn't!

Tricia is STILL without internet, be patient and just keep praying that something will work out really soon for her and all of you who have been suffering without her daily posts lately.

Enjoy your weekend,

Monday, November 22, 2010

9 Posts Down . . .

Most of the ideas can be completed in
less than an hour,
so you should have plenty of time
to get things done before
WOOT . . . WOOT!
Thank YOU for being so patient
with me and my ever present
internet problems.
Just when I think I have things
figured out . . . another
challenge comes my way!
It keeps life from getting boring
Happy Almost Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving Place Cards

You will Need:
Double Sided Tape
A Printed Copy of the PDF
Here it is:
Gratitude Binderclip Placecards
2-inch Binder Clips
(One for each of your guests.)
They cost around $1.50 @ Walmart.
To Make the Place Cards:
Cut out the papers
And leaves found on the PDF.
I inked the edges of the papers
And the leaves with a brown ink.
Cover the bottom of the binder clip
With any of the inked papers.
You can use double sided tape
To attach the papers to the clip.
Tie ribbons up one side of the silver
Part of the clip.
Now you can place a leaf
With the person’s name in between
The top of the two clips.
Photos can be added in place of leaves
If you have one for everyone
On hand.
You can bling these up if you
Would like, or just leave them
Like they are.
Either way . . . they are a stinkin’ cute
Way to make your
dinner guests feel welcome!
Pictures are coming soon!

Gratitude Garland

A Gratitude Garland is a great way to display
The things you are grateful for.
Each person will get a leaf and the opportunity
To list the things they are grateful for.
All of the leaves will be added to the garland
with the Clothespins.
It’s the perfect THANKSGIVING decoration!
I know that all of these Thanksgiving ideas
Are coming about as close to Thanksgiving
As possible, BUT there is an up side . . .
Woot Woot!
The fall garlands have been marked down
40-60% so you can pick one up for not
Very much money at all!
To Make This Project You Will Need:
Sharpie Fine Point Markers
Mod Podge
Gold Glitter
A Fall Garland
Here’s The HOW TO:
Print the Fall Leaf PDF.

Here’s the PDF:
Gratitude Garland

Cut out the Leaves.

Use the Mod Podge to attach the
Glitter to the clothespins.
I only covered one side, but you
Can cover both sides with glitter
If you would like.
Have everyone write their
Name and at least one thing they are
Grateful for on the leaf.

The leaves can then be added to the garland
With the clothes pin.
These can be added to each year.
I have leaves that my Grandma and Grandpa Rees
have written on.  My grandparents are no longer
physically with us, but with their leaves
added to our Gratitude Garland,
They are never far from our thoughts!

Cocoa Puff Turkeys

Yep . . . they’re as good as they sound!
Cocoa Puff Turkey’s are made like
Rice Krispy Squares.
I usually make a large pan of the
Cocoa Puff flavored rice krispy squares.
To Make the Turkeys:
Each person will get a square of the
Rice Krispies.
The goal is to shape the rice krispies into a
The feathers are made with
Gumdrops and toothpicks,
And the face and gobbler are made
From fruit roll ups and candy corn.
These Turkey’s will keep little hands
Busy for quite a while.
Take pictures of the finished turkeys
To add to the calendar or movie.
You can even have a contest if you want.
Prizes could go to the . . .
Fattest Turkey
Most Colorful Turkey
Tallest Turkey
Most Creative Turkey
Best Use of Gumdrops Turkey
The Turkey with the Most Personality
Or the
“Wow!” That’s Some Turkey!
Pictures coming

 Here’s Are the Awards:
PDF coming

Gratitude Candles

So . . . Do you remember the goblets
we added the bling to for
Well, we’re going to be using them again.
Last time we turned them upside down
And set our spiders on the bottom
Of the goblet.
This time, they will be filled half-way
With water and a floating candle.
Place a goblet and candle at each
Place setting.
Have each person light their candle
As they say what they are grateful for.
It’s an AWESOME sight to see all of
The candles lit and the bling
Just makes it that much better!
It truly reminds us of how blessed we are.
If you have small children and are
Worried about a THANKSGIVING FIRE,
Instead of using floating candles
and water,
YOU can use the battery operated
Votive candles in the goblet.
(Just don’t add the water!)
Have each person turn their candle
On as they say what they are
Grateful for.
Same effect . . . Less Stress!
Still more ideas to come!
Hope you’re having as much fun 
As I am!!!

Here's Another Fun Idea

To add to your Thanksgiving Day Celebration.
Purchase a few disposable cameras.
Invite guests to take pictures
throughout the day.
We will have a few at the teens table,
A few at the kids table,
And a few at the adult table.
The camera’s will be turned in
at the end of the day.
The pictures will be made into a movie
Which will be shown during
Our Christmas Party along with last
Years Christmas pictures.
It’s a great way to get EVERYONE involved!
And YOU might even be in a few
Of the pictures! 
Woot Woot!

Say . . . Cheese

My sister Sheri makes the cutest
Family Calendar every year
to give to my parents for Christmas.
We have found that
Thanksgiving Time is the PERFECT TIME
To take the Birthday and Anniversary
Pictures for the Calendar.
We have a room in the basement
Ready to Go with Photographers Waiting.
(My sister Roxann does an amazing job with the pics!)
That’s our rule . . . which just happens
to be a great incentive for our
camera shy guests!
If you are interested in creating your own
Family Calendar
Here’s a Great Link to Help YOU

Thankful for Teachers!

I know it’s last minute . . . but I
didn’t want to forget to
Thank the teachers
For all they do to help our children.
This is what I came up with . . .

You Will Need:
The Printed PDF
Here It Is:

1 Bag or Box of Stuffing
1 Can of Cranberries
Some Cellophane
Some Ribbon!
Cut a large square of the cellophane.
You will need enough to fit
the stuffing and the cranberries.
Tie it all together with some ribbon.
Add the tag and it’s ready to go!

Thanksgiving Family Home Evening - Gratitdue!

Thought: It has been by observation – mostly in observing myself, but also in watching others – that when I focus on what I don’t have, I tend to become increasingly self-centered, selfish, and crabby . . . [But we can] find true happiness in cultivating humble, grateful hearts.
…Mary Ellen Edmunds…
Purpose:  Help family members recognize and be grateful for the many blessings they have.
Opening Prayer:
Song: “Because I Have Been Given Much”  Hymn #219
Scripture:  “And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even a hundred fold, yea, more.”
…Doctrine and Covenants 78:19…
Show or draw a picture of a turkey or something else that might lead your family to think of Thanksgiving.

·        What day does this picture remind you of?
·        What does our family do on Thanksgiving?
·        What is there to be thankful about?
·        In what ways do we show our “thanksgiving”?
Have your family quickly scan D&C 59:16-19 and identify some of the blessings God gives to His children.  Then read together D&C 59:20-22.
·        What pleases God?
·        How is He offended?
·        Why might Heavenly Father be “offended” if we express our gratitude to Him only one day each year?
Have family members make a journal entry about something for which they feel especially grateful.  If it involves another person, suggest that they write a Thank You note to that individual.
Story:  New Shoes
          The boys and girls of Drancy School, the very poorest in all of Paris, were breathless with excitement.  The long-awaited day had come at last – the day on which the children would receive 300 pairs of brand new shoes sent through the American Red Cross.
          The day was cold and foggy, but inside the little schoolhouse it was warm and bright.  The shoes were set on long tables, and inside each one was a rare treat, a chocolate bar.  A flower had been placed on top of each pair of shoes.  The children had gathered the flowers to celebrate this exciting day, for it had been years since any of them had owned a pair of brand-new shoes.
          On every foot was an old wooded shoe or a ragged sandal with cloth soles.  All were poorly fit, some handed down from grown-ups who could no longer use the shoes.
          The boys and girls stood quietly around the long tables.  No one touched the shoes.  No one spoke.  Not even a whisper was heard until the teacher signaled for the children to sing.  They had learned “The Star-Spangled Banner” for the wonderful occasion.  Then the boys and girls sang the national anthem in French.
          Every eye was shining, and every heart was beating with excitement – but not one hand stretched out to touch a shoe.  The children just looked and looked.
          Finally they ran out into the schoolyard to play.  Some of the girls stopped to print thank-you notes on scraps of paper to be sent to the givers, but no one picked up a single shoe to even try it on.
          The officials who had delivered the shoes did not understand this.  Then the teacher explained, “Tomorrow the children will try on the shoes.  Today they have seen them.  That is enough.  They are happy.  Do you know what a wonderful thing it can be just to expect new shoes?”
…Lucile C. Reading…
Make a picture of a turkey.  Make tail feathers out of colored paper.  Have the members of your family write the things they are thankful for on the feathers and put them on the turkey so he has a beautiful tail.

·        Play ALPHABET GRATITUDE.  Go around the room and have each person say something he is grateful for.  The first person names something that starts with the letter a, and the next person names something that starts with the letter b.  Continue around the room as many times as necessary to complete the entire alphabet.
·        On Thanksgiving Day light the GRATITUDE CANDLES.  Set the table with a candle at each person’s plate.  Starting at the head of the table, have the person light his or her candle, expressing gratitude for several things.  Then, that person holds out the candle to the next person to light his or her own candle from while giving thanks for blessings.  Continue on until the entire table is lit with everyone’s “Gratitude Light.”
Closing Prayer:
…Don’t Forget…
To add the Thankful Tom and His Gratitude Feathers
to YOUR Family Home Evening Journal!
Time for Treats:

Pumpkin Cake Balls
To Make the Pumpkin Cake Balls:
Mix 1 Can Pumpkin with 1 Box Spice Cake Mix.
Grease a 9x13-inch cake pan.
Bake at 350 degrees until the cake
bounces back to your touch.
Allow cake to cool.
Cake will be put into a food processor
to make spice cake crumbs.
Add 1 container of cream cheese frosting.
Form dough into balls about
the size of walnuts.
Melt white chocolate chips in the microwave
in 30 second intervals until completely melted.
Roll chilled cake balls in the melted white
chocolate and allow to harden on a piece
Of foil or parchment paper.
Serve cold!
(Refer to for full cake ball instructions)

Here is the PDF: