Monday, November 22, 2010

Cocoa Puff Turkeys

Yep . . . they’re as good as they sound!
Cocoa Puff Turkey’s are made like
Rice Krispy Squares.
I usually make a large pan of the
Cocoa Puff flavored rice krispy squares.
To Make the Turkeys:
Each person will get a square of the
Rice Krispies.
The goal is to shape the rice krispies into a
The feathers are made with
Gumdrops and toothpicks,
And the face and gobbler are made
From fruit roll ups and candy corn.
These Turkey’s will keep little hands
Busy for quite a while.
Take pictures of the finished turkeys
To add to the calendar or movie.
You can even have a contest if you want.
Prizes could go to the . . .
Fattest Turkey
Most Colorful Turkey
Tallest Turkey
Most Creative Turkey
Best Use of Gumdrops Turkey
The Turkey with the Most Personality
Or the
“Wow!” That’s Some Turkey!
Pictures coming

 Here’s Are the Awards:
PDF coming

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