Sunday, January 31, 2010

February 4th Relief Society Activity


February Journal Pages

So, it's a new month and if you didn't take the chance to fill out your January Journal Pages
Write down as many things as you can remember, add a few pictures and you're on your way.
This is a fun way to keep track of Family Home Evening Memories as well.
Let your kids take turns writing down some of their favorite memories for the month.  If they are too small to write, let them draw a picture or you can write what they say.
Your family journal will become one of your GREATEST TREASURES!
(You can find the PDF for these Jounal Pages at the bottom of the page.)

Vital Records - Business Cards!

The next section in your Vital Records Binder is:
Our Neighborhood Block Plan and a List of Block Captains, BUT
this will be part of an activity we are saving for later.
We are now into the Medical Section of the Binder and this Week's Assignment is:
To gather your business cards for Doctor's, Orthadontists, Specialists, Vetenarian . . . etc.
8 1/2" x 11" Business Card Page Protectors
to organize and store cards.
You will use these in several places throughout your binder. 
They are fairly inexpensive and usually come in quantities of 25.
Just a reminder:
We will be putting the tabs together during the
Feb. 4th Relief Society Meeting.
Remember to bring your 8 1/2" x 11" page protectors!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Food Storage Meals & Menu Planning - Dessert: Apple Crisp!

Here's What's on the Dessert Menu for Today:
Apple Crisp!
You will need:
Brown Sugar
Bottled Apples
(Recipe Included)
Dried Apples are also a great alternative- just rehydrate before baking!
(I get mine from the LDS Dry Pack Cannery.)
Chopped Pecans
(Canned butter makes it shelf stable.)
1 Pkg. Oatmeal Cookie Mix
All of the above ingredients are completely shelf-stable!
Food Storage Menu Challenge:
Purchase a few packages of the Oatmeal Cookie Mix to keep on hand.
Apple Crisp Recipe:
Dessert Recipes are found on pages 42-43
Bottled Apples Recipe:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Preserve It . . . Canning Corner: Bottled Pork!

Bottled Pork!
The process for pork is the same as bottled stew meat
or bottled chicken . . . with one exception!
The secret ingredient is:
Broiled Steak Seasoning
This seasoning is AMAZING on just about everything. 
Steamed veggies, all kinds of meat, and fish.
A raw pork roast works the best for canning.  Watch the sales and give it a try!
We have included the recipes for:
 Bottled Pork, Homemade Bottled BBQ Sauce and Sweet Cabbage Slaw in the PDF file below.
Some other recipes you can make with bottled pork:
Carnitas and Sweet Cabbage Slaw
BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Sweet Pork Burritos
Pork and Beans
Split Pea Soup
Pork Hash
(It's browned pork and hashbrowns, just in case you were wondering!)
Bottled Meat is so easy to do and will save you time in the kitchen.
We "Triple Dog Dare You" to give it a try!
We will be showing you step-by-step at the
February 4th Relief Society Meeting.
See you there!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Activity - Cooking Day!

Family Cooking Day!
Taking the opportunity to teach your children to cook is a skill that will be with them forever.
It doesn't have to be a 9 course meal, just let them work with you to create a dinner or dessert they can be proud of!
A fun recipe to start with is PIZZA!  Everyone loves pizza and making one just the way YOU like it is even better.  Grab some toppings that your family will like, some cheese, spaghetti sauce, and Rhodes Rolls.  Thaw the rolls ahead of time so they will be easy to shape.  Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.  We like a crispier crust, so we bake the crust before we add the toppings but it works either way.  Add the toppings and bake until the cheese is bubbly.  Wah Lal!
For DESSERT . . . Rice Krispy Squares!
(Follow the directions on the package.)
Have FUN and ENJOY a great meal with YOUR FAMILY!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preparedness Project - Paint Can Heaters

Emergency Cook Stoves or Paint Can Heaters!

To make this project you will need:
1 New Gallon-Sized Paint Can with Lid
1 New Quart-Sized Paint Can with Lid
1 Roll of Toilet Paper (cheap toilet paper works best)
1 Small Box of Matches
1 Paint Can Opener
1 Bottle of Alcohol
1 4x4 Tile
1 Bottle Opener
Label and Instructions (PDF included below)
Squish the toilet paper roll so that it will fit inside of the quart-sized paint can.
(It's a little tight, but I promise it fits!)
Push it all the way down into the can.
Pour alcohol over the top of the toilet paper to saturate it.
I used 16 ounces.
Remove the center of the toilet paper roll.
It should come out very easily once the toilet paper has been saturated.
Place the lid on the quart can.
Make sure it is tightly closed!
Use the can opener to make vents in the bottom of the gallon-sized paint can.
Use a sharp bottle opener to keep from denting the can.
Mine was a little dull!
Punch vents in the top as well.
If you do dent the can, just push it back out with your fingers.
Make sure you watch the sharp edges.
Add the paint can opener to the handle.
Attach the handle to the can.

Place the above items into the gallon-sized paint can and seal the lid.
To use the heater or camp stove:
Remove the small can, the tile, and matches.
Open the lid of the quart can and light the toilet paper with a match.
Place the gallon-sized can upside down over the top.
This creates a cooking surface.
You can also cook without the gallon-sized can
if you want to roast marshmallows or hot dogs.
The toilet paper won't burn, and so when your alcohol burns out - just refill it!
Now you're ready for SMORE'S!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Food Storage Spaces Part 1

Food Storage Spaces!
Wow, that's a biggie!  There are so many books, blogs and opinions on how to do it . . . it can get a little overwhelming!  So, we broke it down into a 10 Part Series with options to help you
personalize your food storage spaces.
If you have a whole room to dedicate or just a shelf or two in a closet we hope this will help.

We will cover each of these questions in our Ark Prep 101 Section over the next 10 weeks.
Part 1:   Where do I start?
Part 2:   How much water do I need?
Part 3:   Where do I store all this food, water and emergency stuff?
Part 4:   A 3-Month Supply for YOUR Family.
Part 5:   The Basics of Food Storage.
Part 6:   Long-Term Food Storage.
Part 7:   How Much Do I Store?
Part 8:   How do I keep track of what I'm using . . . Inventory?
Part 9:   How do I incorporate Food Storage into my everyday
               meals using my pantry and kitchen spaces?
Part 10: Rotation!
               Conference Time is the Perfect Time!
Where do I start?
I was always scared to go get food from the food storage because it was in the basement and it was in a dark place.  My imagination would get the best of me, especially when I saw the bottles of meat! 
Now days, my Food Storage Room is my HEAVEN! 
I love to organize the shelves and basically play store! 
I would use the whole basement if my husband would let me . . .
bless his heart for being so grounded!
Food Storage Spaces can be found ANYWHERE in your home, not just in the basement and no one will even know it's there.
Under the bed.
In the pantry.
In a hall closet.
In a bedroom closet.
In the garage.
The list is endless!
Walk through your home and take a look around.
Did you find any empty shelves?
What about shelves with CLUTTER?
Now is the time to clear the clutter and make more room for the important things
We have lots of great tips to share throughout this series.
So your CHALLENGE TODAY is to walk around your house and take notes. 
LIST the spaces you think will work for you and
clear any of the CLUTTER that could get in the way of your progress!
Make a plan, set a goal, and DO IT!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Family History Family Home Evening - Our 2010 Goals!

This Family History Family Home Evening Lesson is all about GOALS!
Remember: A Goal is just a Thought unless it's Written Down.
Each year we add our new goals to our Family History Journal.  It's fun to see what was really important to us each year.  When our kids were little, some of their goals were to sleep in their big boy beds all night, or to pick up their toys every day.  Now that they are getting older, their goals are more thought out and a little bit more challenging.  Keeping a record of our goals has helped us to keep our "eyes on the prize!"  Our goals are no longer just a passing thought, they are stepping stones helping us
to be the best we can be!
We have included the Goal Pages in color or black and white, as well as a FHE Lesson on Goals!
Family History FHE Lesson - Goals PDF
Running short on time . . . You can still have a FHE Lesson that will make them think!
We've included a quick Object Lesson as part of the Family History FHE Lesson - Goals PDF.
Just grab an egg, a glass, some water and some salt and you're ready!
Family Home Evening doesn't have to take hours . . .
Just get the message to stick, and you're there!
Another Idea:
To keep goals in view, make them into a placemat.
This can be printed in any of the colors used in the goal sheets above (all with a brown background).
They are 12x18 in size and are on file at Alphagraphics in Bountiful.
(Names can be written by each person in the space shown)
Use a Sharpie Marker to list goals and to mark progress!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food Storage Meals & Menu Planning - Dinner: Beef Stroganoff!

Today's Dinner Menu Item Is:  Beef Stroganoff!
This is a great time to use the
"Bottled Stew Meat" you just canned!
We used powdered sour cream
to make this recipe completely shelf-stable.
Food Storage Challenge Purchase for the Month:
Powdered Sour Cream
We also included homemade pasta recipes for you to try, although purchased pasta will last up to 30 years if you put it in #10 cans with an oxy pack. 
The Dry Pack Cannery offers 2 types of pasta:
Macaroni and Spaghetti. 
If you check the canner out, you have the option of canning whatever kind of pasta you would like to use.  It's easy to do an doesn't take very long.  Watch the sales and buy quite a few packages. When you have a  box full, check out the canner and go to work!
To make your canning day even better . . . 
Call your sisters, or your friends and you can be little pioneers together! 
It's amazing how productive you will feel at the end of the day!
The Dinner Recipes can be found on pages 35-41:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Preserve It . . . Canning Corner - Bottled Chicken

Raw Pack Bottled Chicken!
You will need:
Pressure Canner
Pint or Quart canning jars with new lids.
Other seasoning options:
Chicken Bouillon - 1 tsp. for a quart, 1/2 tsp. for a pint
Paprika - a pinch for a quart
Salt and Pepper
Begin by trimming off all of the fat.
Cut chicken into smaller-sized pieces and tightly pack into clean jars.
Pint jars will hold approximately 1 pound of meat.
Quart jars will hold approximately 2 pounds of meat.
Continue filling the jars leaving 1" headspace.
Add salt or other seasonings.
I do both so that I can have different flavors for different recipes.
Clean the rims of the jars.
Add new lids and tightly secure with a jar ring.
Add 2 inches of water and add jars.
Quart jars will need to process for 90 minutes.
Pint jars will ned to process for 75 minutes.
Process jars at 15 psi.
Turn on the heat and wait for the pressure valve to pop up and for the top to start a consistent rock.
You will see steam coming from the top.
Do not start timing until the top is at a steady rock.
(Adjust heat according to your pressure canner instructions.)
Notice the pressure valve is up and there is steam coming from the top.
Now you can start the timer.
Once the timer has gone off.  Turn of stove. Do not move the pressure canner.
Just wait for the pressure valve to return to the down position.
Do not remove the lid until the pressure valve is back down.
That's it!
Now just wait for the sounds of popping as the jar lids seal.
The next pictures may not be for the weak stomach!
Some compare bottled meat to a "Science Fair Project,"
but not you . . . Right!?!
Just imagine you have a clear crockpot and could look at what you're cooking from a side view.
That is what bottled meat looks like.
So are you ready?
Ta Da!
See it's not so bad, and it will feed my for 7-10 days!
Meat and poultry frequently go on sale.  This is a good time to buy large quantities to can.
You will save money and find it convenient to have cooked meats in your storage when making meals.