Monday, January 25, 2010

Family History Family Home Evening - Our 2010 Goals!

This Family History Family Home Evening Lesson is all about GOALS!
Remember: A Goal is just a Thought unless it's Written Down.
Each year we add our new goals to our Family History Journal.  It's fun to see what was really important to us each year.  When our kids were little, some of their goals were to sleep in their big boy beds all night, or to pick up their toys every day.  Now that they are getting older, their goals are more thought out and a little bit more challenging.  Keeping a record of our goals has helped us to keep our "eyes on the prize!"  Our goals are no longer just a passing thought, they are stepping stones helping us
to be the best we can be!
We have included the Goal Pages in color or black and white, as well as a FHE Lesson on Goals!
Family History FHE Lesson - Goals PDF
Running short on time . . . You can still have a FHE Lesson that will make them think!
We've included a quick Object Lesson as part of the Family History FHE Lesson - Goals PDF.
Just grab an egg, a glass, some water and some salt and you're ready!
Family Home Evening doesn't have to take hours . . .
Just get the message to stick, and you're there!
Another Idea:
To keep goals in view, make them into a placemat.
This can be printed in any of the colors used in the goal sheets above (all with a brown background).
They are 12x18 in size and are on file at Alphagraphics in Bountiful.
(Names can be written by each person in the space shown)
Use a Sharpie Marker to list goals and to mark progress!


brudcrew said...

Love this! I want to do the placemats for our family. However I have tried to access the FHE lesson and the link is not working. Thanks for all you do to keep us all on track! I am working on my emergency preparedness binder.

Prepared Not Scared said...

It should be working now.
Thanks for letting me know!