Monday, January 4, 2010

Macey's Case Lot Sale Starts: January 6th and will go for 2 weeks.
Emergency containers and supplies are on sale as well. 
The Ogden store is the largest store and is the Food Storage Hub!
See You There!


sherrikunzler said...

Thanks Tricia! This looks great* Fabulous blog! I will visit often!

Jim said...

Hi Tricia,

I have some of James Talmage Steven's books that I can offer for your case lots. They need to be ordered in quantities of 10 and I can get them direct from the publisher to you for a 20% discount. Or, I can create a coupon for 10% off on my site and send them individually. Which option would be best for you?

Also, if you are interested, I have 4 of James' ebooks that I can give to your group. Please contact me via


Jim said...

BTW...The books are Making the Best of Basics