Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Food Storage Spaces Part 1

Food Storage Spaces!
Wow, that's a biggie!  There are so many books, blogs and opinions on how to do it . . . it can get a little overwhelming!  So, we broke it down into a 10 Part Series with options to help you
personalize your food storage spaces.
If you have a whole room to dedicate or just a shelf or two in a closet we hope this will help.

We will cover each of these questions in our Ark Prep 101 Section over the next 10 weeks.
Part 1:   Where do I start?
Part 2:   How much water do I need?
Part 3:   Where do I store all this food, water and emergency stuff?
Part 4:   A 3-Month Supply for YOUR Family.
Part 5:   The Basics of Food Storage.
Part 6:   Long-Term Food Storage.
Part 7:   How Much Do I Store?
Part 8:   How do I keep track of what I'm using . . . Inventory?
Part 9:   How do I incorporate Food Storage into my everyday
               meals using my pantry and kitchen spaces?
Part 10: Rotation!
               Conference Time is the Perfect Time!
Where do I start?
I was always scared to go get food from the food storage because it was in the basement and it was in a dark place.  My imagination would get the best of me, especially when I saw the bottles of meat! 
Now days, my Food Storage Room is my HEAVEN! 
I love to organize the shelves and basically play store! 
I would use the whole basement if my husband would let me . . .
bless his heart for being so grounded!
Food Storage Spaces can be found ANYWHERE in your home, not just in the basement and no one will even know it's there.
Under the bed.
In the pantry.
In a hall closet.
In a bedroom closet.
In the garage.
The list is endless!
Walk through your home and take a look around.
Did you find any empty shelves?
What about shelves with CLUTTER?
Now is the time to clear the clutter and make more room for the important things
We have lots of great tips to share throughout this series.
So your CHALLENGE TODAY is to walk around your house and take notes. 
LIST the spaces you think will work for you and
clear any of the CLUTTER that could get in the way of your progress!
Make a plan, set a goal, and DO IT!

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**Amy** said...

Thank you so much for the link! I have actually thought about doing a post on food storage but haven't got around to it yet. You have some great things here. I will definitely link when I post something. I am also adding you to my blog list. I can really use the help in this area. Thanks!