Friday, January 22, 2010

Preserve It . . . Canning Corner - Bottled Chicken

Raw Pack Bottled Chicken!
You will need:
Pressure Canner
Pint or Quart canning jars with new lids.
Other seasoning options:
Chicken Bouillon - 1 tsp. for a quart, 1/2 tsp. for a pint
Paprika - a pinch for a quart
Salt and Pepper
Begin by trimming off all of the fat.
Cut chicken into smaller-sized pieces and tightly pack into clean jars.
Pint jars will hold approximately 1 pound of meat.
Quart jars will hold approximately 2 pounds of meat.
Continue filling the jars leaving 1" headspace.
Add salt or other seasonings.
I do both so that I can have different flavors for different recipes.
Clean the rims of the jars.
Add new lids and tightly secure with a jar ring.
Add 2 inches of water and add jars.
Quart jars will need to process for 90 minutes.
Pint jars will ned to process for 75 minutes.
Process jars at 15 psi.
Turn on the heat and wait for the pressure valve to pop up and for the top to start a consistent rock.
You will see steam coming from the top.
Do not start timing until the top is at a steady rock.
(Adjust heat according to your pressure canner instructions.)
Notice the pressure valve is up and there is steam coming from the top.
Now you can start the timer.
Once the timer has gone off.  Turn of stove. Do not move the pressure canner.
Just wait for the pressure valve to return to the down position.
Do not remove the lid until the pressure valve is back down.
That's it!
Now just wait for the sounds of popping as the jar lids seal.
The next pictures may not be for the weak stomach!
Some compare bottled meat to a "Science Fair Project,"
but not you . . . Right!?!
Just imagine you have a clear crockpot and could look at what you're cooking from a side view.
That is what bottled meat looks like.
So are you ready?
Ta Da!
See it's not so bad, and it will feed my for 7-10 days!
Meat and poultry frequently go on sale.  This is a good time to buy large quantities to can.
You will save money and find it convenient to have cooked meats in your storage when making meals.


Carter's Creations said...

Do these need to be refridgerated or frozen after you cook them?

Tricia Smith said...

After you have processed them in a Pressure Canner, they can be stored on the shelf. Once you've opened them, they will need to be refrigerated.
Hope that helps.

CindyG said...

How long do they keep?

Tricia Smith said...

Canned meat actually keeps the longest! I will keep for 5-7 years!
Hope that helps!
(I'm on the three year plan at my house!)