Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mix Recipes

Here are a few MiXeS
that will make summertime cooking
a lot easier!
...Starting with Breakfast...
...and of course DESSERT...
Here's what you will need to do:
The first page is a list of ingredients
These are the ingredients you will put into a quart jar.
Layer the ingredients in the order they are listed
and press as you go.
(Just don't squish the pasta!)
You will want to put your Parmesan cheese
into a separate Ziploc bag and include it in the jar.
The second page includes the instructions
you will need to make the meal or dessert. 
To prepare the mix...
just follow the instructions on the second page.
It's as easy as that!
Here's the PDF:
(It's a big file so it may take a while to load!)
I printed mine on card stock, punched two holes in the top
and then laminated them. 
I tied them with a ribbon so that I will be able
to use the same label over and over.
I will be adding the 4 Generations Pages
and Memory Game to the
Spiritual Survival Can

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spiritual Survival Can

I finally have 2 minutes to post
and with a little help I've finally figured out how
to post with this new set-up!
I've been thinking a lot about being more
Spiritually Prepared
and I wanted to create something that would
help my FaMiLy to remember what really matters
in the eternal scheme of things....especially when
we're in the "thick of things!"
I came up with a...
Spiritual Survival Can!
The Contents Include:
Family Testimonies
Copies of Family Patriarchal Blessings
Milestone Pictures & Family Pictures
4-Generations Pictures
Consecrated Oil
Book of Mormon
Hymn Book
Primary Song Book
(I marked some of the scriptures that would bring comfort...etc.)
Quotes from Prophet's and Apostles
Letters from Family Members and Grandparents
Take Time to "Paws" and "Bear" Your Testimony Cards
Temples Memory Game
Prophets Memory Game
Sacred Ordinance Cards
The Living Christ
The Family A Proclamation to the World
Picture of The Savior, The Temple, and
The First Presidency
You Will Need:
Gallon-Sized Paint Can and Lid
4x6 Photo Album
(These are available at Walmart or any Craft Store)
Here's the Lid Cover and Label:
Here's the PDF for the Cover, Pictures and Quotes:
The Family Testimony Cards are 4x6.
Testimony Cards come with lines...

and I created some blank cards as well
for the Littles that can't write yet!

Here's the Testimony Card PDF:
These are my 4-Generations Pictures:
Yep, that's my wedding pic...
Holy Cow, we were just babies!
Now for Our Parents...The Little Hotties!

Our Grandparents...Love Them!!!

I added some to the 4x6 photo album and then
made a 4-Generations Memory Game!
Here's the PDF:
Highlight the white box in each of the cards to
add family photos.
Add a text box to the label to add family names.
Quotes from Prophet's and Apostles:
(The Quotes are included in the first PDF.)

 Take Time to "Paws" and "Bear" Your Testimony Cards

Here's the PDF:
Temple Memory Game:
Here's the PDF:
Prophet's Memory Game:

Here's the PDF:
Sacred Ordinances:
(This is included in the first PDF.)

The Living Christ:
The Family A Proclamation to the World:
I found my copies of The Living Christ
and the Proclamation at the Distribution Center
Pictures of...
The Savior
The Salt Lake Temple
The First Presidency
(This page is included in the first PDF.)
I will also be adding a few more games:
M&M Candy Game
For the M&M's Game You Will Need:
1 Large Bag of M&M Candies
1 "Follow The Prophet" Game Board
...Game Instructions are included in the PDF...
Here's the PDF:
Skittles Game
For the Skittles Game You Will Need:
1 Large Bag of Skittles
1 Small Cup for Each Member of Your Family
1 Straw for Each Member of Your Family
...Game Instructions are included in the PDF...
Here's the PDF:
Skittles Game PDF
Minute to Win It...FHE Style
Here's the PDF:
(It's on the Way!)
I also found a link to an AMAZING
Book of Mormon Characters Book!
The PDF includes over 80 Book of Mormon Characters
with a few interesting facts about each!
They fit into a 4x6 Photo Album which will fit perfectly into
your Spiritual Survival Kit!
Here's that Link:
Book of Mormon Characters Book PDF Link
In an emergency situation,
this should help us to keep an
Eternal Perspective!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 Minute Evacuation...Could YOU Do It?

I was able to teach a Preparedness Class
to an AMAZING ward last night
and I mentioned this video...
10 Minute Evacutaion
Which family would best represent yours?
They have included a list of important things
to remember when making your plan at the end of the video.
Take some time during your next Family Home Evening
to make your Emergency Evacuation Plan.
Good Luck!