Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mix Recipes

Here are a few MiXeS
that will make summertime cooking
a lot easier!
...Starting with Breakfast...
...and of course DESSERT...
Here's what you will need to do:
The first page is a list of ingredients
These are the ingredients you will put into a quart jar.
Layer the ingredients in the order they are listed
and press as you go.
(Just don't squish the pasta!)
You will want to put your Parmesan cheese
into a separate Ziploc bag and include it in the jar.
The second page includes the instructions
you will need to make the meal or dessert. 
To prepare the mix...
just follow the instructions on the second page.
It's as easy as that!
Here's the PDF:
(It's a big file so it may take a while to load!)
I printed mine on card stock, punched two holes in the top
and then laminated them. 
I tied them with a ribbon so that I will be able
to use the same label over and over.
I will be adding the 4 Generations Pages
and Memory Game to the
Spiritual Survival Can