Friday, January 27, 2012

February 2012 Newsletter!

The Focus for February Will Be:
72 Hour Kits
Page 1
Page 2
Here's the Stake Version PDF:
Here's the Prepared Not Scared Version PDF:
Don't Forget to...
Keep working to complete your
You still have a few more days!
The Dry Pack Focus for February is:
Dehydrated Carrots!
I'll be posting some YUMMY recipes in the next
couple of days!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

They're Here . . . Are YOU Ready?

Last year I told you about a
I had prepared for YOU!
It was supposed to start on January 1st of this year
but because of my computer virus'
it was a little delayed.
(2 Nephi 2:11 should sum things up!)
It's MY scripture!
I'm going to post a week's worth of assignments
at a time until I get caught up and
then I will post one a day.
Here's the one for January 1st!
Take a few minutes if you haven't already to write
your goals down.
Don't Forget to include the family...
"Many hands make light work!"
January 2nd:
A New Notebook!
Just the thought of it brings pure JoY!
I added a cover to my black notebook.
Here's the PDF:
January 3rd:
Write this down in your notebook
and make a plan!
Here's are a few a links from earlier posts I did on
Food Storage in Small Spaces:
January 4th:
This is one of my FaVoRiTe Scriptures!
Add this scripture to your notebook.
What does EVERY NEEDFUL THING mean to YOU?
Work as a FaMiLy to make...
Preparing Every Needful Thing
a priority in your HoMe!
January 5th:

The 3 Box System is EASY!
Set aside 30 minutes a day to DECLUTTER.
In that 30 minutes you will need to make decisions fast.
Give Away, Put Away or Throw Away.
Each item will belong in one of the boxes.
Don't spend too much time thinking about it.
The more time you spend, the more likely you are to
keep something that you don't really NEED.
Know the difference between a NEED vs. a WANT.
Don't put things away as you go.
It will take more time and the chances of getting
distracted along the way are not worth it.
Take the "Give Away" stuff to the car.
Don't let it sit in your home! Little by little
the clutter will find it's way out of the bag
and back into your life.
I've had the opportunity to go into a lot of homes
to organize. 
We are overwhelmed!
We have gone from keeping the well beyond
in our spending or collecting.
I have seen first hand as I work with women
that the STUFF has not made them happier.
Everything we bring into our homes
will demand our attention.
Decide BEFORE you go to the store,
what THINGS are really worth your time!
Be strong and remember...
January 6th:

Teach them how to live simply.
Just 10 things to start with and then go from there.
Incentives always make the process more FuN!
Are you still breathing....?
Just one more!
January 7th:

That's it for today!
Are you worn right out?
It's not a race,
It's more like a marathon...
Pace Yourself and EnJOY the Process!

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Goal Pages

2012 Goal Pages are Here!
They come in 2 different sizes and styles:
8 1/2 x 11
and 8 1/2 x 11
We made this style into a placemat.
It was a great way to keep our goals in mind!
Laminate the placemats so that
they can be wiped off easily!
Here are the PDF Files:
Here's the Link to the FHE Goal Night Post:
Family History FHE Goals Lesson PDF
Have a GREAT Night!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Young Women...

This was something I was working on for the
Young Women just before I was released
and put into my
Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness calling.
It's a fun way to get to know the young women
and it's a great reference for birthdays.
The testimony card will be a treasure
that can be used for New Beginnings.
It's also a great gift for the parents!
We were planning on giving a copy to the
Young Woman and to her parents when she
graduated from mutual!
Here it is:
Cover Page
Information Page
Photo Page
Testimony Page
Just for FuN Pages
Cut cards and attach them to blank index cards.
Cards can be kept in a Recipe Box
or can be hole punched and held together with
C-rings.  Ribbons look way cute tied to the c-rings.
Add photos and memories to the ME cards
throughout the year.
The cards can be put together in a book
to be given to the graduating girls or as a Christmas Gift
at the end of the year!
For Birthdays...
Each of the girls can write a special memory
or something they love about that particular young woman.
These pages can be shared with the mutual group
and then added to the book and kept to give later.
Here's the PDF:
This would be a
FuN Getting To Know YOU Activity!

Address Cards!

Just thought I'd share
My Address Book!
Here it is...
Cover and Back Page
Emergency Contacts and Numbers Cards
Tabbed Alphabet Cards
Blank Address Cards
I cut the cards out and put them together with
C-rings.  I just punched 2 holes in the bottom.
I laminated the front and back covers.
You can also use a Roladex!
Just cut the cards and slide them onto the
Roladex runners!
Cute and Easy...Just the way I like it!
Here's the PDF:
Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vital Records Supply List

Vital Records Purchase List:
3-inch 3-ring Binder
(You get 2 for about the price of 1 at Costco and Sam's)
Page Protectors
(You can get a box of 100 at Costco or Sam's)
Divided Page Protectors
(For Family Pictures)
Business Card Page Protectors
2 - Zipper Pouches
(For Quick Cash, Notebook, Pens and Pencils)
CD Protectors
Sharpie Markers
Small Notebook
Carry Case
(Look for a bag or purse that will hold the FILLED binder.)
You can start with just a binder, page protectors
and the zipper pouches.
The rest can be purchased a little at a time.
Check on-line as well.
I found several stores that offered free shipping.
Watch for weekly assignments
and reminders!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is the handout mentioned in the
January Newsletter!
Ahhh . . . The Portable Toilet!
I can't tell you how many times I have put this
"Big Fella" off.
Not because a New UN-USED Portable Toilet is grose
by any means . . . some of the information I get to share
with you however, is NOT for the Faint-of-Heart!
Sooooo, Here We Go . . .
First we'll start with the picture:
Here they are all put together!
Super Cute Huh?!?
(I added the flowers for that little special touch!)
Here are the Toilet Label and Instructions for Use PDF:
Sanitation Information and Portable Toilet Labels
I created new labels...just to keep things fresh!
In gray...

and in blue.
New Labels and A Condensed Instruction Page
New Sanitation Packet PDF
Make a copy of the instruction page for each of the
Emergency Toilets you put together.
Store it inside for a quick reference.
You Will Need:
5-6 Gallon Bucket (At least 2)
Luggable Lu Toilet Cover
(Snap-on type toilet seat with lid.)
12 Plastic Liners
(Garbage Bags)
4 Pairs of Rubber Gloves
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
Liquid Chlorine bleach, Nilogel Clean-Up Gel,
Pinesol, Powdered Laundry Soap,
Powdered Chlorinated Lime
(Hydrated Lime)
Available at the building supply stores. It can be used dry.
Be sure to get chlorinated lime and not quick lime which is
highly alkaline and corrosive.
1 Bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Box of Baking Soda
1/2 Gallon of White Vinegar
1 Large Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
1 Roll Paper Towels
1 Pkg. Baby Wipes
1 2-Liter Bottle of Water
6-10 Gallon Container with tight fitting lid
A Supply of Old Newspapers for Wrapping Garbage
2-3 Spray Bottles
Feminine Hygiene Items
Now for the Good Stuff:
Are you wondering what this is?
It's a Portable Jane!
It works as a "Seperation Device."
To seperate what you might ask . . . ?
Well, you don't want to mix #1 with #2 when you are using
the toilets. Yep, you have to keep the two seperate!
(Notice the color-coded numbers?)
Mixing the two with no water could be toxic.
Here's the link if you are interested in purchasing your own:
Portable John with the Jane Adapter Link
(That's one reason I decided a "Hers" Toilet might
be a good idea! The boys don't really need a seperate
seperation device . . . they're already equipted!)
Please Make Sure YOU Read the Entire Instruction Sheet.
It has soooo much important information on it!
(Thanks for the help Sherrie!)
This little project would be high on my "To Do List."
It's definately something I don't want to be without!
Happy Flushing!

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012 Powdered Milk Recipes

Each month I will be focusing on
one of the Dry Pack Cannery Ingredients.
January's Focus is:
I know the thought of drinking powdered milk
is probably not something your super excited about
but the possibilities are endless!
Adding powdered milk to your food storage will
give you tons more options and it's perfect for baking!
Just think...
Lion House Rolls
Tootsie Rolls
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Baby Formula
Cream Soups
Whipped Topping
Pudding...Just to name a few!
Here's the PDF:
Here's what the recipe pages look like:
You don't have to print the pages in color.
Just go to your printer settings and you
can print in black and white.

The January 2012 Newsletter is HERE!

This big fella
should have been posted in December...
but because of the lovely virus' I downloaded
none of the pages I created were actually saved to my
external hard-drive!  I'm still trying to find out where
they ended up!  I have Backblaze and that should
have saved everything, but the virus seemed to do a lot
of rerouting! Patience must be something this
ole' girl needs to learn!
Anyway... I am in the process of retyping
EVERYTHING all over again!
No worries though,
I kept a rough-draft of everything so it
shouldn't take as long as it did the first time!
Here's the Newsletter for December:
Page 1
Page 2
Here's the PDF:
Revised PDF:
I changed the newsletter a little after the storm
we had.  The focus on the revised newsletter is
Heat and Light instead of Water.
The change only affected page 1.
Each Newsletter will include:
Words from the Prophet's and Apostles
A Food Storage Focus for the Month
A Safety Check
A Back to the Basics Challenge
The Primary Theme and Scripture
Vital Records Assignments
Purchase Recommendations
as well as
A Dry Pack Cannery Ingredient Information Page
and Recipes to go along with that ingredient!
The goal is to...
It doesn't have to be big or cost money!
Learn how to cook with your food storage.
Gather the supplies you already have around the house
Put things in order.
Make a plan for different emergencies
and practice with your family.
Hold regular family prayer and study the scriptures.
Attend the Temple.
Doing something everyday...
no matter how big or small is better than the
worry that comes from doing nothing
and hoping for the best!