Thursday, January 12, 2012

Young Women...

This was something I was working on for the
Young Women just before I was released
and put into my
Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness calling.
It's a fun way to get to know the young women
and it's a great reference for birthdays.
The testimony card will be a treasure
that can be used for New Beginnings.
It's also a great gift for the parents!
We were planning on giving a copy to the
Young Woman and to her parents when she
graduated from mutual!
Here it is:
Cover Page
Information Page
Photo Page
Testimony Page
Just for FuN Pages
Cut cards and attach them to blank index cards.
Cards can be kept in a Recipe Box
or can be hole punched and held together with
C-rings.  Ribbons look way cute tied to the c-rings.
Add photos and memories to the ME cards
throughout the year.
The cards can be put together in a book
to be given to the graduating girls or as a Christmas Gift
at the end of the year!
For Birthdays...
Each of the girls can write a special memory
or something they love about that particular young woman.
These pages can be shared with the mutual group
and then added to the book and kept to give later.
Here's the PDF:
This would be a
FuN Getting To Know YOU Activity!

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