Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One More Conference Award!

Here's the PDF:
Here's one more . . .
Here's the PDF:
This Award would be so cute given with a
Barrel of Monkey's Game.
It might even keep little one's entertained
a little bit longer!
Conference is almost here!!!

Preparedness Project - Hygiene Kits and MORE Conference Ideas!

Today's Preparedness Project is an EASY one!
Personal Hygiene Kits
Each Personal Hygiene Kit will Include:
Plastic Combs
Toothbrushes Toothpaste
Regular Soap
Hand Towel White
Wash Cloth
Anti-Bacterial Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Nap Towelettes
Shaving Cream
(The bolded items are the absolutes.  The rest are just
really nice to have!)
This is the BEST PLACE to purchase your
Hygiene Supplies:
Mandalay International
2710 Parkland Drive 1600 West
Ogden, Utah
Phone #:  801-787-7973
Their prices are the BEST AROUND!
You can also go to the Provo Warehouse:
769 N. 1890 West #12
Provo, Ut
Store hours are:
Monday - Friday 9-5 (Ogden)
Monday - Friday 12-5 (Provo)

Now for another NEW Conference Idea:
Conference Journals
This is a great one for any age,
especially tweens and teens!
You Will Need:
1 Composition Notebook
1 Printed Set of the PDF File
Cut and Inked along the edges.
I used Black Ink on the Boy Journal, and
Chestnut Brown Ink on the Girl Journal.
(You may need to trim a little after you attach the pages.)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Double Sided Tape
I used Mod Podge to attach the front and back covers
to the notebook.
I used the Double-Sided Tape for the inside tabs.
Leave as many pages as you would like inbetween tabs.
Here's the Girl Journal Packet PDF:

Here's the Boy Journal Packet PDF:
I made an Extra Set Tabs for Each Journal
Here They Are!
Here's the Girl PDF:
 Here's the Boy PDF:
Add Photo's, Pictures of the Savior, or the Temple
to the Tab Pages to make the journals more personal!

Here's an Idea that doesn't cost a dime,
but the returns on this investment can be ETERNAL!
This was one of the most important lessons
I learned in my home growing up.  It was a very simple
thing, but it has made Conference a more personal
experience for me.
This has become one of my
FAVORITE Conference Traditions!
Before Conference, my mom would call me into her bedroom.
She would ask me if I had any questions or concerns.
She challenged me to write them down.
She encouraged me to pray that I would be able to get the
answers during the conference sessions. She let me know that
she and my dad would be praying for me as well.
I have loved being able to kneel down with my
boys and pray with them and for them.
When they were small . . . their questions were so
simple and sweet.  As they became teenagers . . . the
questions and concerns were more difficult.
I can say, whether the question or concern is simple
or difficult . . . answers will come!
This was an amazing blessing in my life, and
continues to be a blessing for my own family.
I am always humbled when I received the answer
to my exact question!
How Truly Blessed We Are
To Have the Gospel!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Part 10: Conference Time Rotation!

So, when was the last time you ROTATED your
72 Hour Kit Food Supply?
Been a while . . . ?
If you're scared to open your 72 Hour Kit
because you're not sure what's in there . . . IT'S TIME!
Conference is the PERFECT TIME to
Get It Done!
We made rotating our kits a Fun Family Tradition
by letting the kids have a picnic with the food we are
changing out.
They have the picnic during conference and they
love getting to eat all the snacks.
(As you can imagine . . . the oatmeal packet isn't a big hit.
but the rest of the stuff goes in a hurry!)
If you used MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat), you won't have
to rotate the food as often.  MRE's can be a little bit more
expensive . . . but to some, it's worth it!
It doesn't matter what food you decide to store,
but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you:
Write the date for the next rotation,
and then . . . Follow Through!
Nothing worse than a rock hard piece of
petrified beef jerky!
Here's a List of Food Items for YOUR 72 Hour Kits:
Remember to Include:
Spoons, Hot/Cold Cups, Matches, a Can Opener
and most importantly WATER!
At least one 2-liter bottle.
Just a Few Things to Remember:
Fruit Snacks can be raisons, craisons, or
dried package mixed fruit.
You can also use fruit roll-ups, or real fruit leather.
Beef Jerky should be individually wrapped.
Cans with pop-top lids can burst and bulge more easily.
It's better to store the ones that need a can opener.
Here's the PDF:
Sounds like a pretty good picnic menu . . . It sure does
help the reverance factor during conference!
Our Challenge for the Week:
More NEW Conference Hints and Helps coming

Monday, March 29, 2010

Conference Awards!

I decided to make a few AWARDS to give for
Reverent Behavior during Conference.
With Easter on it's way, I noticed that there were
stuffed animals everywhere.
Seriously . . . every store I went to had tons!
I found several different stuffed animals for under $4.00.
Here are a few Award Ideas I came up with
using the stuffed animal as part of the award:
The "QUIET as a MOUSE" Award
(Stuffed Mouse)
Here's the Award PDF:
The "SILENT Sammy the Snake" Award
(Felt or Plastic Snake)
Here's the PDF:
The "I didn't make a PEEP during Conference" Award
(Stuffed Chick or Marshmallow Peeps)
Here's the PDF:
The "Some-BUNNY got caught listening
during Conference Award
(Stuffed Bunny or Marshmallow Bunnies)
Here's the PDF:
The "When the Prophet says,
DO IT . . . I HOP TO IT!" Award
(Stuffed or Plastic Frog)
Here's the PDF:
By ENCOURAGING children to listen to conference
with POSITIVE incentives,
Conference can be LOOKED FORWARD TO
and NOT dreaded!
We are truly blessed to be able to listen to a
living Prophet!

Family Home Evening - Family Service Project: Care Center Kindness!

Today's Family Home Evening Lesson is actually
The object of the activity is:
"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn
wisdom; that when ye are in the service of your
fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."
Mosiah 2:17
Song:  "Love One Another"
Children's Songbook; Page 136
I was at the assisted living home visiting my husband's
grandma a few weeks ago.  While I was there having lunch
with all of those cute little ladies and a single gentleman,
one of the residents recieved a bouquet of beautiful flowers.
I watched and listened as all of the ladies shared their
excitement about such a Special Delivery.
They thought the flowers were the prettiest flowers they
had ever seen.  They took turns smelling the bouquet,
and enjoying the colors the beautiful flowers had to offer.
It was at that moment that I realized, I needed to make more of an
effort to remember to care for the widows and widowers, AND
that I needed to involve my family.
The residents at the Care Center LOVE to be around
Today for our Family Home Evening
we will be delivering a single tulip, tied with a ribbon
to each of the residence at the Care Center.
(Which is less than 2 dozen tulips!) 
My boys are mostly rough and tumble, but when it comes
to grandpa's and grandma's  . . . they just soften right up!
I guess if we remember that we are ALL going to be
in the same position some day, maybe it will encourage us to be
a little more thoughtful of those around us.
When it comes to SERVICE  we hope you will . . .
"Go the Extra Mile . . . With a Great BIG Smile!"
That's what I'm hoping it will do for my FAMILY tonight!
Treats are ALWAYS an important part of Family Night,
and tonight is no exception!
Our family will be heading to Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars
after our visit to the Care Center.
Have a GREAT Night!
(Maybe we'll see some of you at the Care Center?!?)
Check back tonight,
for another NEW Conference Idea!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Testimony Flower!

Testimony Flower
My Testimony Grows . . . When I Listen
To the Prophet and the Apostles!
Each flower petal has a place to write the
Speaker's Name and the Topic they spoke on.
The second set is made just for the Little Ones.
The petals are blank so that they can color pictures
of the Speaker or the Topic.
Remind them that when we listen to Conference,
we help our Testimony to GROW!
Here's the Speaker & Topic Petal PDF:

Here's the Blank Petal PDF:
You can combine the Blank Petal with the
Speaker and Topic Petals to give a little more variety!
Place the Completed Flower on Your Child's Door
to REMIND them of the important lessons
they learned during Conference!