Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preparedness Project - Family Activity Bag and a Fruits and Veggies File Folder Game!

We've talked a lot about the Family Emergency Activity Bag,
but I've never shown you what one looks like.
An Activity Bag could make all the difference in an Emergency.
Make sure you store it with your 72 Hour Kits.
So, here it is:
It's just a duffle bag filled with activities and games
to help pass the time in any emergency situation.
Keeping small children entertained while you take care
of "SURVIVING" the emergency,
will make a hard situation a lot easier!
Here is a list of ideas for YOUR Activity Bag:
Side Walk Chalk
Beads and String
Craft Kit
Coloring Books
(Don't use crayons . . . they melt!)
All About Me Picture Books
A Small Family Picture Book
(These are a great way to add make sure you end up with
as many pictures as possible.  Losing family pictures is
heart-breaking, believe me . . . I know! 
This just gives you one more safe place to keep them.)
Memory Games
Water Color Paints
Cards and Card Games
Finger Puppets
Snack Boxes
Family Picture Block Puzzles
Go Fish in a Bag Game
As well as all of the other games we listed
on the Preparedness Project List.
(This LIST was posted: February 24, 2010.)
Zurcher's is a great place to find some
inexpensive games and toys.
The games and activities included in this bag
can be used for Sunday Activities,
Emergency Birthday Party Gifts,
as well as for everyday family activities.
Just make sure to replace what you take!
Here's ANOTHER Fun Game YOU Can Add:
Fruits and Veggies
File Folder Matching Game

Here's the PDF:
You Will Need:
1 Printed Copy of the PDF
1 File Folder
(I like to buy the colored folders.)
Sticky-Back Velcro
Access to a Laminator

Print 1 copy of the PDF File.
Cut out the fruits and veggies.
Attach 1 set of the fruits and veggies to the file folder.
Laminate entire folder.
The second set of fruits and veggies pieces
will just be laminated individually.
Add Sticky Back Velcro to each piece.
I used the soft side of the velcro on the pieces,
and the hard side to the pieces attached to the file folder.
Now, all you have to do is add it to your bag . . .
That's It!

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