Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Long Term Food Storage!

Long Term Food Storage
This is the section that usually makes people
a little nervous.
But not you . . . If you are using Rice or Pasta
in any of your meals,
you're ALREADY using
Long-Term Food Storage is easy to incorporate into
your everyday meals.
Because - You already do it!
Most people are under the impression that
Long-Term Food Storage is just that . . .
Food Purchased and Stored LONG TERM!
(Or at least until you throw it away after a few years because
your sick of moving it or storing it!)
The List of Basics we posted in last weeks Ark Prep 101
includes many of the Long Term Food Storage Items.
To find out how much Long-Term Food you will need to store . . .
We recommend you start with the
Food Storage Calculator.
Here's the Link:
Food Storage Calculator
Record the amounts on the form below.
Food Storage Recommended Amounts PDF
You may want to get a 3-Ring Binder to keep
Inventory, Shopping Lists, and
Food Storage Quantities . . .etc. ORGANIZED!
This will be our Wednesday's Preparedness Project
along with some FUN St. Patrick's Day Ideas!
Long-Term Food Storage can also be purchased
in Pre-Packaged Meals.

I would recommend you try the meals individually
before you invest in a year's worth.
This investment can cost thousands of dollars,
so make sure you're family will eat it first!
Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables
are a great addition to the Long-Term Basics.
These items can be expensive as well,
but would be a great addtion to the basic items
you have stored.
They even have freeze dried meats and cheese!
Wowie . . . that's impressive.
You can make anything taste better with CHEESE.

We will continue to post recipes with
long-term food storage ingredients.
Store Long-Term Food Storage in a
Long-Term Foods do not need to be rotated as often,
but they are Inexpensive, Healthy, and Delicious
so you might as well give them a try!
Homemade Bread is a great example of
something you can make by using your
Long-Term Food Storage.
Everything you need to make it
will be right on the shelf.
All you need now is a great recipe!
This is one of our favorites:
Simply the Best Wheat Bread Recipe PDF

Always remember to start with the BASICS and
go from there!

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