Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just a Little Information on Storing Foods!

I wanted to give you a Food Safe Guide, that will help you to
CAN and STORE foods . . . SAFELY.
This guide will help you to determine the shelf-life
of home-canned foods as well as store-bought foods.
Thanks for the suggestion Valerie!
Hopefully this information will help.
Here's the PDF:


Kerri said...

I love this!!! How can I get these PDF files? I am in South Weber so Bountiful is probably not the easiest for me. I hope you wouldn't mind if I use this useful info!!!

Bybee's said...

HAH!! Thanks Trish for doing this. What a woman!!!!!

Tricia Smith said...

I always post the PDF Files with a different colored font. This PDF File is in green! Welcome Aboard . . . Hope this helps!

LeAnn Gilchrist said...

Well, Just as everyone else has said gals are awesome!!! I have done Emergency Preparedness for years and this is the most fun info I have seen anywhere! The pictures, the way you describe things! And there isn't anything you haven't covered. Great job gals! great job! keep it up. LeAnn from Draper