Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Preparedness Project: "Go Fish" Bag

We have one more St. Patrick's Day Game
for YOU.
Help LUCKY find his 4-Leaf Clover!
Here's the Packet:
Print Shamrocks onto White Cardstock
Cut and Laminate.
Attach the Shamrock's to Popsicle Sticks
and hide them all over the yard.
What a perfect day for a Treasure Hunt!
Each Shamrock has a Number or Points.
The person with the most points WINS!

Now let's go FISHING . . .
Go Fish in a Bag, is the
Preparedness Project for Today!
This game will go into your
Family Emergency Activity Bag.
(It's great for church as well!)
You will need:
1 Small Bag of Rice
Plastic Letter Tiles
(I got mine at Walmart for $4.95)
You'll have extra . . . but we have plans to use them later.
or Wooden Game Tiles
1 Vertical Badge ID Holder
Printed PDF File Pictures of Fish
I also added some plastic fish . . . just for fun!
(I got mine from Zurcher's.)
Here's the PDF:
Photo Mounts or Double Sided Tape
1/2 Yard Heavy Clear Vinyl
(I got mine at JoAnn's in the Tablecloth Section.)
Quilt Binding Tape & Matching Thread
and a Sewing Machine
Cut 2 pieces of 8 1/2" by 8 1/2" Clear Vinyl
Sew around 3 of the sides - 1/4" seam.
Add Rice, Plastic Fish and Game Pieces.
Make sure the rice only fills the bag 1/2 way up.
To make game pieces:
Cut fish from PDF page and stick with double-sided tape
to the plastic or wooden tile.
You will stick a fish on one side and the "Go Fish"
square on the other side.
Finish sewing the the last half of the bag.
Add quilting tape to finish the edges.
Make sure you push the rice and pieces back when
you are finishing the edges so that you don't
hit anything with your sewing machine needle!
Finish by adding a ribbon with the badge attached.
I put the ribbon over the seam ends where
I started and ended with the quilting tape
so that you couldn't see the seam.
This will hold the pictures of all of the fish so that they
know what to look for.
Cut cards and place back to back in the clear
vertical badge holder.
Here's the PDF:
Add the picture to the badge and  . . . YOU'RE DONE!
Soooo Easy and the best part, beside hours of
entertainment for little ones . . .
You will at least have a bag of rice
to eat in an emergency!

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