Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Activity - Dust Off the Wagon!

Dust Off the Wagon and Go for a Walk with the Family
I can remember hauling mine everywhere as a little kid.
I couldn't believe how much stuff I could carry in that old thing:
People, baby dolls and baby stuff, dress-up clothes,
picnic lunches, and everything else I could think of.
A wagon is a great Preparedness Item to have on hand.
If you have small children or you just packed way too much into
your 72 Hour Kits, a wagon would come in very handy!
A wagon is a great tool for teaching children
how to work together.
Sometimes you get to ride in the back, sometimes you get
to push, and sometimes you get to pull
The same rules apply in our homes. 
We all have to pitch in and do our part to make it work.
Working together when your having FUN is probably
one of the greatest teaching tools we have as parents.
So, go dust off the wagon and take a walk!
Look for some of the signs that tell us,
Enjoy this beautiful weather and spending time
with your cute families!
Just a Little Something to Remember:
You can always plan on . . . someone getting hungry,
someone getting thirsty, and someone might
get a scratch or a scrape. You may even need
to take a potty break . . . mid-walk.
So, make sure you pack some surprise snacks, water,
a few bandaids, and the camera!
(Not sure what to say about the potty break.)
The most important thing to remember is to:
Just Have FUN with the FAM!

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