Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vital Records - Church Information!

Today's Assignment is an EASY one!
All you have to do is add:
A Copy of Your Membership Records
Important Church Certificates, Ordinances, and
Copies of Patriarchal Blessings
Relief Society Phone Lists, and Ward & Stake Directories
(Print from ward/branch online website @
You will need to know your membership number.
That's all YOU have to do to COMPLETE this Section!
Just One More Thing . . .
YOU are Invited to a Relief Society Meeting
April 1, 2010 @ 6:30 pm.
Safety Shield is coming to talk to us about
First Aid Kits and How to Use Them
Jeanette Hatch
will share some of her ideas for:
Making the Most of Your Personal Scripture Study
as always
The FOOD will be GREAT!
Hope to See YOU There.


me/mom/NANA said...

This is driving me nuts. I went to this page clicked on to open the vital records binder and it just runs me from one link to another and NEVER gives me the files to download just what I need to make one of the binders. PLEASE HELP ME. We want to make these in RS in the next couple of weeks.

Thank You,

Tricia Smith said...

Sounds like you're having one of those days! You can find the tabs to the Vital Records Binder on the side panel. It will take you straight to the source . . . NO STOPS!
Hope this helps.

Tricia Smith said...

Just a side note: The Vital Records Binder has two seperate PDF Files (both of which are posted in red). When you push the link, it will say, "found" then you will need to click on the underlined mish-mash of letters, numbers, and symbols. After that they should come right up!