Monday, March 22, 2010

Family History Family Home Evening - 4 Generations AND an EXTRA LESSON - Follow the Prophet!

It's the . . .
Family History Family Home Evening Lesson Today!
So, how many of you have checked out the new
Family History website?
Even for someone like me who has NO CLUE when it comes
to Family History.
The Goal for Tonight's Lesson:
Complete YOUR 4-Generations Group Sheet!
Here's the PDF:
Thanks Family Search .org
Here's a Fun Family Tree for You to fill out:
Thanks Family Tree Magazine .com
We CAN'T Forget the . . .
Family Home Evening Treat:
Marshmallow Brownies
Here's the Recipe:
Family Home Evening Treats - Marshmallow Brownies PDF
Hope you have a "TREE"-mendous Family Night!

A Family Home Evening Lesson for the
We meet once a month for a
Combined Family Home Evening
at my parent's home.
Yesterday our lesson was . . . "Follow the Prophet."
For an opening song you could sing:
Follow the Prophet - page 110, Children's Songbook
We divided our families into 3 groups:
The Little Ones
The Tweens and Teens
The Grown-Ups
Here's what we did in each group:
The Little One's Group got to go on a "Prophet's Hunt."
We made two copies of each of the pictures of the Prophet's
and attached a popsicle stick to the back of each one.
Here's the PDF:
We hid each of them in the yard for "the little ones" to find.
They had soooo much fun
looking for each of the Prophet's!
After they found all of the pictures, we put them in order in
my mom's flower garden. 
We took the opportunity to talk
about each of the Prophet's and how important it is to
Follow Them!
We talked about the sweet blessings of being obedient,
and then . . .
we gave them a sweet treat at the end.
We threw candy in the air and let them grab as much as their
little hands could hold.
Here's the PDF for the pictures of the Prophet's:
For the Tween and Teens:
We had a . . .
"Follow the Prophet" Scavenger Hunt!
They were given clues and had to collect a footprint
at each stop.
16 Footprints to be exact!
(Reading the clues . . . trying to figure things out!)
Each footprint had a letter and a clue on the back.
Here's the Footprint PDF:
Here's an example of one of the clue cards:
I'm including the PDF even though your hiding places
will be different.  Maybe this can help you brainstorm a little.
Here's the PDF:

After they had gathered each of the footprints,
they had to put the letters in order to spell the words:
Here it is . . . All Spelled Out!
The next part of the Tween and Teen Challenge
was to divide into groups of 3 and list as many of the
Latter-Day Prophets as they could.
They sang the Prophet's Song, they tried to look on the
cards the little one's had used and they worked together
to get the biggest lists.
More Thinking . . .
Here are the Winners!
For the Grown-Up Part of Family Home Evening
we played READY!
(It's like BINGO.)
Here's what the READY Cards look like:
(I worked really hard on these. They are for personal use only.
Please don't sell them or mass produce them in any way. . . Bless your hearts forever
for being respectful of my time . . . not that I expect anything less!)
Here's the PDF:
(Be Prepared . . . It's a BIG One!)
Ok, so I just tried to download this file and it's too big.
If you are interested in the READY Bingo Game,
Leave a comment and we'll figure something out!
We started out by having everyone mark off the
preparedness items they already had at home.
Some of the cards were a little sparce . . . but not for long!
We gave inexpensive preparedness items as prizes.
My mom has a special drawing at each of our combined
Family Home Evenings, just to keep things exciting.
This month we could win ties or a pillowcase.
My mom is THE BEST!
We have a lot of FUN with this Family Tradition!
Have a GREAT Night!


Janetta said...

I would be interested in the Ready Bingo version. Thanks for pulling these ideas together...I know it takes lots of time.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas. Sounds like fun for a ward activity too! Thank you! Also, keep putting the notes up about not selling/mass producing things that you create. Really, if people use things like your bingo cards, they need to give credit where credit is due. It isn't too hard to say, I used these cards from or to put a link on the cards. I think a lot of times people do just forget. I am probably guilty too!

Tricia Smith said...

I made this game for a Relief Society activity, that's why the file is sooo big. It includes 38 cards and really is a lot of fun.
Thank you for all of your great comments and suggestions. Maybe I'll just put a reminder in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I love your ideas! I would love a copy of your READY Bingo game.

Anonymous said...

Your ideas are fantastic!!!
I would like a copy of your READY Bingo game.
Really thank you!!! Gracias!

Tara M said...

I would love to use for a relief society activity as well in my ward if that is possible. You could place the link to your blog at the bottom of each card so credit is given where credit is due!

kimber said...

Hi I just found your blog and I love it! I would love to have the ready game so we could use it for our next fhe thanks kimber!

melanie day said...

Could I have a copy of your Ready Bingo Game for my family? I would love it!

Prepared Not Scared said...

I'm reformating the READY Bingo Game into two files. I'll make sure to let everyone know when I get it all figured out so that you can get a copy.
Thanks for being so patient!

nichole said...

My ward RS is planning a prepardness night. That Bingo game would be so much fun to use. Is there any way that I would be able to use it for something like this. Please let me know.

Nichole Yoakum

Anonymous said...


I am trying to organize a Family Home Evening for my sister and brother family. I don't have a clue...

I thought the Bingo game would be perfect since they know everything about the church and I do not! I am quite intimidated, can you tell?

Anyways, I was wondering if you could send me an email attachment of the game cards? My email address is:

Thanks in advace. I am sooo hooked on your blog. I love it!

Here's to your kindness,
Stacey Lay
Wesley Chapel, FL

Anonymous said...

I am working on some activities for children to do during our preparedness ward activity and thinking that your bingo game would work perfectly for the older kids to do as a sort of scavenger hunt. I hope that you're able to send the game cards to me. Leslie at the address below.
Thanks so much, just love all your terrific ideas