Friday, March 12, 2010

Preserve It . . . Canning Corner - Banana Jam and a Shamrock Walk!

Are you ready for this?
If you like BANANAS, you'll love this jam
and it's sooo EASY!
I'm including several recipes for you to try . . .
Some have added strawberries, peaches, pineapple,
or maraschino cherries, even chocolate syrup!
Banana Jam Recipe's:
"Holy Cow!" I thought my computer was going to
blow up for a second there, Whew . . . No worries,
Everything is just fine!
Here are the recipes - for real this time:
Here are a few of the recipes included in this packet:
Jamaica Banana Jam
Banana Split Freezer Jam
Blushing Peach Banana Jam
This is a great new twist on JAM.
We think you'll LOVE IT!

Now for the St. Patrick's Day Game:
Shamrock (Cupcake) Walk!
The Shamrock Walk Packet Includes:
30 Large Numbered Cards
30 Small Calling Cards
Print on Cardstock, Cut, and Laminate!
(You can print them in black and white if you want
to save some money.)
Tape number cards to the floor in a circle with
clear packing tape.
Get the music started and let
The game is played a little like musical chairs.
Everyone walks in a circle following the number
cards while the music plays.
Once the music stops . . . so does everyone else!
The goal is to land on one of the numbers on the floor.
Pull one of the small number cards out of
Lucky the Leprechaun's Hat
(any hat will do), and
the number you draw is the WINNER.
Prize: 1 Super Frosted Cupcake!
Here's the Packet:
Example of Large Calling Cards Below:
Example of Small Numbered Calling Cards Below:
Game Warning:
This game may cause a person to break into
an Irish River Dance!
Don't fight it . . . it's great exercise,
and you won't feel one bit guilty as you
bite into an Over-the-Top Frosted Cupcake!


Grammy Suzzy said...

Where do I go to get these yummy sounding recipes? My son would eat jam again...please send me the right direction!

Tricia Smith said...

I'm sooo sorry . . . my computer was having a moment! They are FINALLY posted!
Let me know how you liked them.