Monday, March 8, 2010

Safety & Preparedness Family Home Evening - Is YOUR FAMILY Ready?

Today is the Safety and Preparedness
Family Home Evening
Today's Emergency Is An . . .

What would YOU do?
Does YOUR FAMILY know what to do?
We have been given the great opportunity to brush up
We've had a few reminders lately of how
devastating an earthquake can be. 
What we do with that information can make all
the difference!
The Red Cross has released an
for you to review with your family.
Here it is:
Red Cross Earthquake Safety Checklist PDF
We recommend printing this page and posting it somewhere
in your home so that you have a constant reminder
of what to do in this kind of an emergency situation.

We need to be PHYSICALLY PREPARED . . . as well as

I received an email from a friend of mine.  It's a letter from the wife
of the mission president in the Chili Santiao East mission.
Many of you may have already read it,
but if you haven't . . . it's worth your time!
Letter from President Larry and Sister Lisa Laycock PDF
We have two different FHE Lessons
for you to choose from . . .
Each lesson will help you to practice and review what
to do if an earthquake hits!
 Here's the Family Home Evening Lesson Idea #1:
Earthquake Preparedness FHE Outline PDF 
Here's the Family Home Evening Lesson Idea #2:
 Earthquake Scenario Family Home Evening Lesson PDF
As a Family you may want to:
Practice . . . Practice . . . Practice! 
You may be surprised by a WARD POP-QUIZ later on to
see just how prepared
YOUR FAMILY would be for this kind of an emergency!
Would YOU pass?

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