Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Part 8: How Do I Keep Track of What I Use and a St. Patrick's Day Menu!

How Do I Keep Track of What I Use?
Good Question!
Everyone has a different system for keeping track
of their Food Storage Inventory.
We're going to show you some of our
Just Remember:
To find a system that will work best for
Food Storage Binder
Last Wednesday we shared with you the instructions for
a Food Storage Organizer or Binder.
We created a section just for Food Storage Inventory,
but didn't give you any of the Inventory Sheets
to go with this section.
We have the sheets for you today!
Be Ready . . . These lists are very detailed.
But don't get too stressed or over-whelmed,
we included a blank one as well.
The First Sheet Includes Food and Non-Food
Storage Items:
Food Storage Clip Boards
Include Lists of the Food and Non-Food Storage Items
you have stored, as well as the items you need to purchase.
This first part might take you a minute if you
already have a pretty good food storage.
For those of you just starting out . . . NOW is
a great time to set a system in place.
I have one Clipboard for Food Storage Items,
and one Clipboard for Non-Food Storage Items,
and one Clipboard for Freezer Items.
This makes it a lot easier for my family to keep track
of what they are using.
I listed the items in the groups I stored them in.
Sooo, I couldn't stand just having plain clipboards.
I had to add the "Cute Factor!"  With a little bit of
Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper, these clipboards
have been transformed and are ready for action!
Who said food storage has to be boring?!?
Shopping List
This is the most simple of the 3 Systems.
Just a plain shopping list.
Each time something is taken from storage,
whether it be a food or non-food item it is written
down on the list.
The list can be divided into two parts:
Food Storage Items
Food Storage Non-Food Items
Food Storage Freezer Items.
Here are the Shopping Lists:
Or you can
Shop by Category:
Food Storage Shopping List
I use a clipboard for this list as well!
Here's the PDF:

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!
Remember to Deliver those St. Patrick Day Surprises
Don't Forget to Wear Something GREEN!
Here's are some fun St. Patrick's Day Menu's for you to try:
Green Pancakes
Green Whip Cream
Green Buttermilk Syrup
Green Sprinkles
Green Scrambled Eggs
Green Eggs and Ham
Green Grapes
Green Milk
Put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of the glass.
When it's time to eat, pour the milk and Wah Lah . . .
Green Milk!

Pack a St. Patrick's Day Lunch
with only Green Food!
Shamrock Sandwiches
Kiwi Fruit
Green Grapes
Green Fruit Roll-Ups
Green Jelly Beans

Green Salad
Green Jell-O or Rainbow Jell-O
Green Chicken Pot Pie
(A green crust would have made it better, but it still worked.)
Green Bread
Green Kool-Aid with Cream
1 cup Sugar
1 Pkg. Green Kool-Aid
1/2 cup Milk or Cream
Blend in the blender until smooth!
Top with Cool Whip and Sprinkles.
You can even dip the glass rim in
Karo Syrup and Green Sprinkles for a cute look.
Green Frosted Shamrock Cupcakes
Just place 3 marbles between the cupcake paper
and the cupcake tin.  The marbles will help to shape the
shamrock leaves.
You can just make up a white cake mix and add
Green food coloring to make Green Cupcakes!
Green Spritzer Cookies
with Ice Cream and Green Sprinkles
Or Green Sugar Cookies
It's AMAZING to see what a little bottle of


Rfamily said...

Hey Tricia!
I know you are super busy, so I hate to even ask...Did you post the food storage inventory pages? I'm not seeing them on my computer. Just so you know, I am now offically addicted to your blog!
Thanks for sharing all of your hard work and creativity!

Anonymous said...

Will you post the food inventory sheets? They are missing. Thanks, this is great!

Prepared Not Scared said...

I have to re-type the Food Storage Inventory Pages. I think when I tried to save them as a PDF, I deleted them instead. They just keep coming up as blank pages. Check back . . . I should have them done by Friday or Saturday. Sorry about the wait.
Thanks for your sweet comments!