Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vital Records Bags.....Oh My!

A few months ago I found the
Stylin' Binders created a bag that is
for the Vital Records Binder.
I wanted to do a video to show
you just how amazing this bag is, but I
have absolutely no clue how to load it so....
A PICTURE is still worth a thousand words, right?!?
Here it is:
I used a 3" 3-ring binder and it's a perfect fit.
It has velcro sides that open so that
the binder will lay flat when in use and when you
need to take it with you, it's turns into an easy to carry bag!
The girls at Stylin' Binders even made a cover to
match my Vital Records Binder.
Here's the Link:
Check them out....they're AMAZING!
This would make a great
Just think....
You'll be Prepared and Stylin'
all at the same time!
Thanks to...
Kelli Allmaras and Melissa Hamilton
for being willing to make a
binder cover to match the Vital Records Binder.
It's perfect!

I'll add a picture of the one
they made to match the binder as soon
as I get my new camera!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Emergency Disaster Preparedness Openhouse!

will be having an
Openhouse on May 5th
from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
at the Freeport Center Building J10!
If you're interested in getting
Emergency Preparedness Essentials
make sure and stop by!
Here are just a few of the things
you'll find...

1800 Watt
Eco Tricity Solar Generator
(Closeout - only 2 left at Below Cost)
Only $999.00 Retail $1899.00
Ecotricity 1800 watt Generator
1800 watt Inverter
90 watt folding Solar Panels
Very portable
Auto transfer switch
Keeps charged with grid power, then switches to Solar when grid is gone
New US Military Extreme Cold Sleeping Bag

New Extreme Cold US Military Sleeping Bags.
Duck Down Fill
Special Buy $ 89.00
US Military Bivy Sack
US Army woodland camo bivy cover, waterproof, moisture vapor permeable
Special Buy $59.00
Molle Assault Vest
Special Price $38.00
New US Military Intermediate Sleeping Bag System
4 Peice New Modular Sleeping System
Consists of:
Bivy Sack
Intermediate Cold Bag
Patrol Bag
Stuff Sack
Special Buy $189.00
Modular General Purpose Tent System
The Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) is a larger, modular, pole-supported tent which can be complexed together or with other types of shelters, including the TEMPER tent. The MGPTS is designed to protect people and equipment from various climate and weather conditions ranging from hot to severe cold. The MGPTS can be used for medical facilities, troop billeting, command and control, field service support, emergency / disaster relief, maintenance functions, and storage
Special Price $1800.00
Medium Size Tent
18' x 36'
Fighting Load Carrying Vests
Tactical load carrying vest. Woodland camouflage pattern. Webbing harness. Four pockets for carrying six 30-round ammunition magazines for M-16 rifle and two fragmentation grenade pockets. Snap fasteners and hook and pile tie-down straps. Marking of ""US"" on center back. Component of large field pack with frame.
Special Price $38.00
Sealskin 100% waterproof over the calf 15" socks, 3 layers, Nylon outer, MVT waterproof breathable membrane, Coolmax thermal insulation inner, No seams
Special buy $28.00 each
Marpat Field Pack
Pack Marpak
Woodland digital camo (marpat) field pack, component of improved load bearing equipment (ILBE)
Special Buy $28.00 each
Military Vapor Barrier Type II Boots
Type II Extreme Cold Weather
Vapor Barrier Boots
The white boot is designed for use in extreme cold weather from -65 F . It also is a little bigger and heavier than the black Military boot because of the extra insulation.
Special Buy: $25.00
Polartec Overalls ECWS
Extreme Cold Weather Overalls
Polartec insulation technology
Special Buy: $35.00
Coveralls and Jackets
Special Buy $15.00
Feild Packs with Frames

Field Packs in Green, Woodland Camo and Digital Camo
Great for building your own 72hr kits
Great for Camping and Backpacking
Great for Scouting
Special Buy: $30.00
Surgical Kit / First Aid Kit
Surgical Kit Opened
Disaster Relief First Aid Kit

Surgical Kit / First Aid Kit Combo
Special Buy $39.00
Mutant Mittens
Extreme Cold Weather Mutant Mittens
Forefinger and Thumb slots
Special Buy $12.00
Polypropylene Thermals
Extreme Cold Polypropylene Thermals
Top $14.50
Bottom $13.50
Head Piece (Balaclava) $7.00
Flyers Gloves $5.00
Special Buy:All Four Pieces: $37.00
Please spread the word to anyone that
you feel would benefit from these items! 
For More Info or to place an order contact:
Sid Parker at 801-458-5271