Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 2012 Newsletter

The May Newsletter Is Here!
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Here's the PDF for My Stake:
For those of you who are not in my stake
and would like a newsletter....
This one's for YOU!

Here's the PDF for Prepared Not Scared:
The focus for the month is:
A 3-Month Supply
It may take a lot of effort and sacrifice,
but I know that when the Prophets say to do something...
it is always for a very good reason!
Make it a matter of prayer and then follow the promptings.
You will be amazed at the peace that follows obedience!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Seeds, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness, Gardening

Food Storage Garden Seeds....
I found some at a great price!
Heirloom Vegetable Seed pack with 30 Different Varieties
I found these on KSL and thought I would share.
The Seeds are... 
Heirloom Non-Hybrid Seeds
which means
you will be able to save the seeds from year to year!
The cost is only:
AMAZING Right?!?
I'm not making any money for sharing this...
it's just a great deal that I thought I would pass along!
Here's the Contact Information:
Mitch 801-599-0833
You get enough seeds to plant .50 to .75 of a acre.
This seed pack includes 30 different varieties :
Black Beauty Zucchini 25-30 seeds
Bloomsdale Spinach 275-300 seeds
Sugar Pie pumpkin 10-15 seeds
Sugar Ann Snap Peas 35 seeds
Hale's Best Cantaloupe 35+ seeds
Champion Radish 180-200 seeds
Waltham Broccoli 300-315 seeds
Lucullus Chard 150-180 seeds
Buttercrunch Lettuce 575-600 seeds
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce 575-600 seeds
Red Salad Bowl Lettuce 575-600 seeds
Pink Banana Jumbo Squash 10 seeds
Waltham Butternut Squash 25-30 seeds
Beefsteak Tomato 120-130 seeds
Roma Tomato 120-130 seeds
Contender Green Bean 20-25 seeds
Golden Wax Bean 25-30 seeds
Henderson Bush Lima Bean 15 seeds
Golden Bantam Corn 45-50 seeds
Crimson Sweet Watermelon 50-55 seeds
Tendersweet Carrot 650-700 seeds
Utah 52-70 Celery 1250-1500 seeds
Black Beauty Eggplant 125-130 seeds
Snowball Cauliflower 250-300 seeds
Armenian Cucumber 25-35 seeds
Ashley Cucumber 25-35 seeds
Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion 125-150 seeds
Yolo Wonder Y Bell Pepper 115-120 seeds
Anaheim Chili Pepper 115-120 seeds
Golden Acre Cabbage 275-300 seeds
The total average of all seeds germination rate is 91%
and all seeds were harvested in 2010 and 2011
to be ready for the 2012 planting season.
Just thought I'd share!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Openhouse, Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness Supplies

I just wanted to remind everyone
about the
Emergency Disaster Preparedness Openhouse
May 5th
from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
at the
Freeport Center - Building J10.
You can also order online!
Here's the Link:
Emergency Disaster Preparedness Website
The May Newsletter will be posted
by the end of today!
The new changes in posting with blogger
are driving me a little CrAzY....
but I'll get things figured out!