Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silent Night Bingo!

. . . BiNgO . . .
Is One Of Our FaVoRiTe Holiday Traditions!
We seriously love it!
Truth be told, it's probably the Dollar Store prizes that keep us
coming back for more!
For Christmas I created two different
versions of the game.
The Silent Night Bingo is perfect for
Family Home Evening and Family Parties.
The Jingo Bingo is perfect for School Parties.
Don't forget to yell, JINGO instead of Bingo
when you win or it doesn't count!
You will also be seeing a preschool version
of each!
Follow the...STAR
(This one is more like Tic Tac Toe, but the little one's won't know!)
It's perfect for short attention spans!

Ho Ho Ho PDF

You have to say, "HO...HO...HO"...when you
get 3 in a row!
You have to yell the title of each game for it to count!
I'm working on the PDF files as we speak!
It'll be just a minute.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Memory Game!

The Silent Night Memory Game
is a great way to talk to your "littles" about
the TRUE MEANING of Christmas.
I was able to use mine for a Primary Sharing Time.
When they got the match...
I had the child read the Story Card
that goes with that picture.
Here's what they look like:
Each of the Memory Game Cards
will have a front and a back.
The back side of all of the cards will have
this picture:

The other side will have two of each of the other pictures
shown below.
This is what the Story Cards look like:
I keep these and when a match is made,
I hand it to the one who got the match to read.
Cards can be printed with a front and back side
and laminated,
or they can be printed and attached to
chipboard using Mod Podge and
a sponge brush to attach them.
You can use a wet erase marker to write
numbers on the stars of the back pieces
when the game is played in Primary.
When you're done...just wipe them off
and start with a fresh set of numbers
every time you play.
Here's the Memory Game PDF:
Nativity Memory Game Packet PDF
Nativity Story Cards PDF:
Nativity Story Cards Packet PDF
Here's the rest of the Packet:
Nativity Story Cards Addition Packet PDF
(Thanks You Melanie!)
I almost forgot Mary and the Inn Keeper.
More to come...
The December V.T. Message and Christmas Planner
will be up tonight

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Neighborhood Block Plan!

I have to say before we get started,
this is not a 1 hour project!
This one will take some time to put together,
It will be worth every minute you invest in it!
The peace of mind that will come
with this preparation is worth it for sure!
That being said, lets get started.
  I decided to give you a little at a time.
It can be a little overwhelming if you get all of
the information at once.
Your assignment this week is to gather:
A Map of Your Neighborhood
(This map will include ALL of the houses in your ward boundries
whether they are members or not.)
My ward was just divided and so I will be
going through this process right along with you!
(Just kidding....I'm excited!)
I will be taking pictures of each of the houses
in our ward boundries
so that I can make a more personalized map
BUT this is not necessary!

It is a FuN way to get
the people in your neighborhood
interested in preparedness.
Who might even find neighbors
willing to help with this project! 
Here's the PDF File for that:
Neighborhood Block Plan PDF Packet 1
Here are a few things to
keep in mind when creating
your Neighborhood Block Plan:
Each BLOCK will consist of
assigned to each BLOCK.
Each BLOCK will be assigned

Block Captains Photo's will be added to this page.
This will be a great help in an emergency.
That should do if for today!
I will be posting the rest of the information
throughout the month of December.
My hope is to be ready to start
practice drills in January or February!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pin the Nose on Rudolph!

It doesn't matter
what you're pinning
to what....
It's always fun to
put on a blindfold and have
someone turn you in circles
until you're DiZzY
and then just...
 Let YOU Go!
I love to hear all the giggles as noses get
stuck to ears and cheeks.
There's nothing I love more than
a good case of the giggles!
(The uncontrolable giggles are the BEST!)
This game is perfect for:
School Parties, Ward Parties, Family Parties
and Family Home Evening!
It comes in two sizes:
8 1/2 x 11 and 11x17.
To Play:
Use some painters tape to attach Rudolph's nose.
Here's the PDF:
8 1/2 x 11
Pin the Nose on Rudolph PDF 2
Tomorrow I will be posting the
Neighborhood Block Plan...Finally!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bowling for Reindeer!

We had so much fun with the Turkey Bowl
I decided to do a
Bowling for Reindeer!
I ended up making two different reindeer
so you can choose which one you like best!
I'll post both the pdf files!
Here's the 1st one:
This one has all the Reindeer and Santa...
Here's the PDF:
Here's the 2nd Set:
It's just a little more simple, but you will still copy
9 Reindeer and 1 Santa...
Here's the PDF:
To play the game you will need:
10 Bottled Waters
The Printed PDF
Double-sided Tape
A Grapefruit-sized Ball
Remove the labels from the water bottles.
Wrap the papers around the water bottles where the lables
used to be and you're good to BOWL!
(I used the double-sided tape to attach the labels.)
I will be posting my Christmas Organizer
in the morning!
It should help make this season
a lot more FuN!
I have a post a day until Christmas....
Hope you're ready!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yay! It's finally here!
HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg
I made a last minute game that I
thought I would pass along...
. . . or . . .
Bowling for Turkey's!
Here's the PDF:
To play the game you will need:
10 Bottled Waters
The Printed PDF
Double-sided Tape
A Grapefruit-sized Ball
Remove the labels from the water bottles.
Wrap the papers around the water bottles where the lables
used to be and you're good to BOWL!
(I used the double-sided tape to attach the turkey labels.)
The kids...young and old will love this one!
Have A GREAT Day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Visiting Teaching Message!

I'm running a little late on my Visiting Teaching
this month, but my thoughts have been
with the cute sisters I get to visit with all month.
Isn't that the way it always goes?
You think of them all month, but day after day
gets by us without a call or a visit.
I'm hoping that they will still be able to feel
of my love and gratitude for them...
even if it is the coming close to the end of the month!
November is the month when we get to
choose our own topic from the Conference Messages
to use for our Visiting Teaching.
They were all sooo AMAZING,
I couldn't choose!
I put together a little booklet of tags
with a few of my favorites.
Here they are:
(Cover Page)
(Conference Talk Tags)
There are 22 Conference Talk Tags
A Front Cover
A Back Cover
Here's the PDF:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Page 5
Page 6

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Not only is it my birthday month,
but it's the one time of the year we get to just...
Here's a fun way to display what you are thankful for as a family.
It's a Gratitude Banner!
Here's what you'll need to do:
and Attach the banner pieces to a ribbon!
You can use hot glue, or colored staples to attach the
banner pieces to the ribbon.
Leave extra ribbon on each of the sides so you can
hang it up.
Each day have each of the members of your family write what
they are grateful for on one of the fall leaves which are
included in the Give Thanks Banner Packet!
The leaves can be clipped to the banner
using glitter covered clothes pins.
I used the medium sized clothes pins, but
the larger ones look cute too!
By the time Thanksgiving
comes around,
your banner
will be filled with blessings!
Here's the PDF:
To make clothespins you will need:
Aqua Net Hair Spray
A Sponge Brush
Paint one side of the clothespin with Modpodge.
Sprinkle glitter while it's wet.
Allow to dry.
Spray with Aqua Net to keep glitter in place!
More to come!