Friday, November 25, 2011

Bowling for Reindeer!

We had so much fun with the Turkey Bowl
I decided to do a
Bowling for Reindeer!
I ended up making two different reindeer
so you can choose which one you like best!
I'll post both the pdf files!
Here's the 1st one:
This one has all the Reindeer and Santa...
Here's the PDF:
Here's the 2nd Set:
It's just a little more simple, but you will still copy
9 Reindeer and 1 Santa...
Here's the PDF:
To play the game you will need:
10 Bottled Waters
The Printed PDF
Double-sided Tape
A Grapefruit-sized Ball
Remove the labels from the water bottles.
Wrap the papers around the water bottles where the lables
used to be and you're good to BOWL!
(I used the double-sided tape to attach the labels.)
I will be posting my Christmas Organizer
in the morning!
It should help make this season
a lot more FuN!
I have a post a day until Christmas....
Hope you're ready!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your posts!! YAY!!!
AL from CA

Melanie said...

Seriously SO cute!

Bybee's said...

Another cute creation from you. As always, great job!

Cathy Hutton said...

The reindeers are so cute!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas organiser! CH from Australia.

kimber said...

Super cute! I have seriously missed you! Just hoping you will put up the Christmas planner soon! We need to get together after the holidays!