Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BYU Women's Conference Journal!

I'm sure this is coming late for most of you,
but I promised .... and Smith's don't break promises!!!
Here's the BYU Women's Conference Journal
Journal Page
Journal Page 2
Binder Spine Covers
Here's the PDF:
(I added page 2 if you noticed it was missing in the first PDF!)
Hope you have a GREAT time at the Conference!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Up-Coming Preparedness Fair!

I LOVE going to the Fair!
The kind of fair I'm talking about
doesn't have anything deep fried, cow pied,
or crash up derbified.
This fair has . . . FREEZE DRIED!
Even better, right?!?
It's the Fruit Heights
It makes me so happy to be able to talk to
other people about what they are doing to become
better prepared.
The date is April 30th
from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
901 South Mountain Road LDS Church
and if you're looking to purchase preparedness items,
the Presbyterian Church across the street 
796 South Mountain Road
will have venders.
The focus for the LDS Church will be:
Home Storage
Food and Non-Food Items
72 Hour Kits
Alternative Cooking
Here's the Flyer:
I will be hosting a booth on Powdered Milk.
Woot .... Woot!
Hope to see YOU there!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Camp Kitchen Organizer!

Today's Project
is a
Camp Kitchen Organizer!
My friend Crystal Cheney shared it with me
and I have to tell you...
This thing is AWESOME!
It's a great way to organize
you will need to cook and prepare meals . . .
Here's What You'll Need:
A Tool Organizer
There are a couple difference types.
One will fit over and around the top of a 5-gallon bucket.
The other looks like the one in the picture above.
Either one will work great.
(She found the one in the picture at Home Depot.)
You will also need Cooking Supplies.
Check through your drawers for extras, or purchase
a few things each month.
The dividers make it nice for organizing:
Spices and Seasonings
Salt and Pepper
Measuring Cups and Spoons
Egg Timer
Hot Pads
Kitchen Shears
and whatever else you use in your kitchen!
It will hold everything you need
but the kitchen sink!!!

Easy and Efficient
and in an Emergency Situation
I have a feeling this would come in
pretty handy!
...Thanks Crystal...
Thanks to the Hoytsville Girls
for letting me hang out with you last night.
What a GREAT group of LADIES!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WOW . . . This is AWESOME!!!

I just saw a link to this video on the
Sugardoodles Facebook Page.
(That Melanie is the BEST!)
It was truly inspired and amazing!

Way to Go . . . Irvine Stake!
Their Message:
Get It
Learn How To Use It
and then
Go Beyond Just the Needs of Your Own Family
So That YOU Will Be Able To Bless Others As Well.
Heed the Prophets Council,
Exercise Faith,

Start at the very beginning . . .

I would encourage those of you who are new to this blog,
to start from the very beginning.
Almost every day in 2010
I posted something that you could do
to help
This year has been CrAzY for me and I
haven't been able to post as regularly as I would like,
but being PREPARED and helping others to
become better prepared is so important to me.
I hope you will take the time to review
last year's posts.
Up-date your kits, practice fire safety,
earthquake safety, and emergency evacuations,
as well as practicing provident living.
I only have 8 more days until my oldest son leaves
for his mission.  WOWWIE!
I'm hoping life will settle back into some kind
of a routine shortly after so that I can get back to posting
on a regular basis!
When that happens . . .
You Can Look Forward To Seeing:
The rest of the Bag Meals,
Family Home Evening Lessons,
Preparedness Projects,
Food Storage Recipes,
Family Activities,
Date Night Ideas,
Gardening, Dehydrating, and Sprouting Hints,
Practical Preparedness Plans,
Organizing Hints and Helps,
More with Vital Records,
Holiday Games and Ideas.
I truly believe that becoming prepared is a process.
Make it a part of your day...
Each day we can do something.
It doesn't have to be an all day event.
It can be as easy as... checking the batteries in your
flashlight or taking a few minutes to  collect
some important documents.
Starting in May
I will give be posting a
Preparedness Assignment Each Day.
Are YOU up for the Challenge?
I can't wait!!!
Check back later for an AMAZING IDEA
that I got from my friend Crystal Cheney!
(Who by the way . . . is a PREPAREDNESS ROCKSTAR!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The PDF Files are READY!!!

Bunny Bingo
5x7 PDF:
Bunny Bingo
11 x 8 1/2 PDF:
Bunny...Bunny...Who's Got the Bunny?
Bunny Bunny PDF Small Token:
Bunny Bunny Large Token:
Print this file on crack n' peel.
Cut the pictures and attach them to a wooden disc.
They are available at any craft store.
Play the game like Button Button!
Tic Tac CRACK!
5x7 PDF:
8 1/2 x 11 PDF:
Print, Laminate, and Cut out Tic Tac Toe Pieces.
Sticky back velcro can be added to each of the squares
and each of the pieces.
Make sure to put all of the hook sides of the velcro on the board
and all the loop sides of the velcro on the pieces.
Played like Tic Tac Toe!
Don't Eat Peep!
5x7 PDF:
8 1/2 x 11 PDF:
My Conference Journal
with Speakers Pictures!
Here's the PDF:
Thanks Valerie!
These pages include pictures of speakers from
Saturday Morning through Sunday Afternoon Speakers.
It also includes the Priesthood Session and the
Young Women's General Meeting.
5x7 PDF:
(In Process!)
8 1/2 x 11 PDF:
(In Process!)
12 More BUNNY Cards are on the way
along with
12 More HOP! Cards.
Have a GREAT Day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Eat Peep!

This game is about as
 as it gets!
You Will Need:
1 Game Card per Group
Some Easter Candy!
Print, Laminate and Cut Game Cards.
Here's How To Play:
Have one person in the group
leave the room.
The rest of the people in the group will
choose one of the PEEPS in the squares
on the game card.
A piece of candy will be placed on each
of the squares.
Everyone calls the person back into the room.
That person gets to eat the candy from each square
until . . .
They get to the CHOSEN  PEEP!
As soon as they get to that square
everyone yells,
and their turn is over.
A new person gets to take a turn,
a new peep is chosen,
and the process is repeated!
Your Little One's will LOVE this game!!!
Here's the PDF:
Nobody can do a PDF like YOU!

Here It Is!

The BUNNY BINGO is ready!!!
Game Cards:
(Includes 12 Cards)
Just in case you need a few more,
I'm in the process of adding 12 more cards!
Calling Cards
come in 8 1/2 x 11 and 5x7 size!
Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
Here's the PDF:
(I'm just taking the files over to Valerie's so I can get a better PDF!)
It will be up shortly!
Print, Laminate, and Cut.
That's It!
Use Jelly Beans to mark the cards
and you're good to go!
The Preschool Version or HOP!
Is On The Way.

Calling Cards:

You will also find a . . .
Bunny, Bunny . . . Who's Got the Bunny


Tic Tac Crack!
(This one is played like Tic Tac Toe.)

and a
Don't Eat Peep Game!

I will also be posting the
Conference Journal Pages with the
Speaker's Pictures.

Two Pages for the Saturday and Sunday Conference Sessions
as well as the Young Women's General Meeting
and the Priesthood Session!
I created a SECOND Conference Journal
in a more masculine format, just
in case your husband would like one for himself.

I am in the process of making
a BYU Women's Conference Journal as well!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Here's a Sneak Peak . . .

at the New BUNNY Bingo Game!
I'll be posting the PDF and Calling Cards Tomorrow!
As far as Easter goes,
we celebrate it in two parts.
One part is fun with an ADULT EGG HUNT,
We love getting together and any extra excuse we can find to get
together and laugh and play as a family works for us.
Then comes the second part . . .
which celebrates the TRUE MEANING
of Easter.
I will be posting ideas for each the next few days!
I'm on the countdown with my missionary.
He leaves in 16 days
so when I can't sleep because I'm thinking of that . . .
Should be a FuN couple of weeks!!!