Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Start at the very beginning . . .

I would encourage those of you who are new to this blog,
to start from the very beginning.
Almost every day in 2010
I posted something that you could do
to help
This year has been CrAzY for me and I
haven't been able to post as regularly as I would like,
but being PREPARED and helping others to
become better prepared is so important to me.
I hope you will take the time to review
last year's posts.
Up-date your kits, practice fire safety,
earthquake safety, and emergency evacuations,
as well as practicing provident living.
I only have 8 more days until my oldest son leaves
for his mission.  WOWWIE!
I'm hoping life will settle back into some kind
of a routine shortly after so that I can get back to posting
on a regular basis!
When that happens . . .
You Can Look Forward To Seeing:
The rest of the Bag Meals,
Family Home Evening Lessons,
Preparedness Projects,
Food Storage Recipes,
Family Activities,
Date Night Ideas,
Gardening, Dehydrating, and Sprouting Hints,
Practical Preparedness Plans,
Organizing Hints and Helps,
More with Vital Records,
Holiday Games and Ideas.
I truly believe that becoming prepared is a process.
Make it a part of your day...
Each day we can do something.
It doesn't have to be an all day event.
It can be as easy as... checking the batteries in your
flashlight or taking a few minutes to  collect
some important documents.
Starting in May
I will give be posting a
Preparedness Assignment Each Day.
Are YOU up for the Challenge?
I can't wait!!!
Check back later for an AMAZING IDEA
that I got from my friend Crystal Cheney!
(Who by the way . . . is a PREPAREDNESS ROCKSTAR!)


Stephanie said...

I just wanted to thank you for all you do with this blog. We've never 'met', but I check this blog every day, for fun things to do with my kids and family, for prepardness info..everything. THANK YOU. :) I'm looking forward to starting the 365 day prepardness adventure!! Awesome! :D

Nizhoni Walkers said...

I love this blog. I really do. Thank you for putting in the time for our benefit. I am new to this blog so I'm still reading last years but what a joy to read. : )