Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preparedness Project - Utah Temples Memory Game and A Bucket Washer!

We will be showing 2 projects today!
The first is the Utah Temples Memory Game,
(Add this to your Family Emergency Activity Bag.)
The second is a Bucket or Portable Washer.
Now you can be CLEAN and ENTERTAINED!
We'll start with the game . . .
Utah Temples Memory Game:
Here's the PDF:
Memory Card Temple Side
Memory Card Cover
You Will Need:
Printed PDF Copies of the Temple Cards - Cut out
Glue Stick
26 - 4"x3" Pieces of Cardstock or Chipboard
(They have chipboard at Alphagraphics and will cut it for you.)
Canvas Bag
(I got mine for 50 cents at Hobby Lobby.)
Each Temple Card will have a Cover and a Temple Side.
(Shown Above)
Use the glue stick to attach the cover and temple side
to the cardstock or chipboard.
That's all there is to it.
Laminate completed cards and you're ready to play.
Play the game by placing all of the cards temple-side down.
Take turns turning over two cards at a time.
The object of the game is to find each temple set.
The person with the most sets wins!

Project #2:
Bucket or Portable Washer:
You will need:
1 6 Gallon Bucket
1 Gamma Lid
Laundry Supplies:
Clothes Line
Laundry Soap
Stain Stick
Dryer Sheets
2 Gallon Sized Ziploc Bags
If you're wondering why I included Dryer Sheets & Ziploc Bags,
especially since the only time we would be using our
Bucket Washer would be if the power were to go out 
or for camping . . .
It's for clothes that just need a little freshening.
Nothing's worse than a bad case of the "Stinkies!"
Place 1-2 dryer sheets into the Ziploc bag along with the clothes
that need refreshing and seal the bag over night. 
They'll be fresh and ready by morning!
Drill with a 1 1/2" Bit
Drill a 1 1/2" hole into the center of the gamma lid.
(We put a board underneath while we drilled to give more support.)
Just make sure that the plunger handle fits into the hole.
You can drill a larger hole if you need to.
Attach the lid to the bucket and place the contents inside.
That's It . . . You're ready to do the laundry!
Wah-Lah . . . It's not the top of the line
Front Load Washer, but in an Emergency it will surely be
a Wonderful Thing to have!

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