Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preparedness Project - Hygiene Kits and MORE Conference Ideas!

Today's Preparedness Project is an EASY one!
Personal Hygiene Kits
Each Personal Hygiene Kit will Include:
Plastic Combs
Toothbrushes Toothpaste
Regular Soap
Hand Towel White
Wash Cloth
Anti-Bacterial Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Nap Towelettes
Shaving Cream
(The bolded items are the absolutes.  The rest are just
really nice to have!)
This is the BEST PLACE to purchase your
Hygiene Supplies:
Mandalay International
2710 Parkland Drive 1600 West
Ogden, Utah
Phone #:  801-787-7973
Their prices are the BEST AROUND!
You can also go to the Provo Warehouse:
769 N. 1890 West #12
Provo, Ut
Store hours are:
Monday - Friday 9-5 (Ogden)
Monday - Friday 12-5 (Provo)

Now for another NEW Conference Idea:
Conference Journals
This is a great one for any age,
especially tweens and teens!
You Will Need:
1 Composition Notebook
1 Printed Set of the PDF File
Cut and Inked along the edges.
I used Black Ink on the Boy Journal, and
Chestnut Brown Ink on the Girl Journal.
(You may need to trim a little after you attach the pages.)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Double Sided Tape
I used Mod Podge to attach the front and back covers
to the notebook.
I used the Double-Sided Tape for the inside tabs.
Leave as many pages as you would like inbetween tabs.
Here's the Girl Journal Packet PDF:

Here's the Boy Journal Packet PDF:
I made an Extra Set Tabs for Each Journal
Here They Are!
Here's the Girl PDF:
 Here's the Boy PDF:
Add Photo's, Pictures of the Savior, or the Temple
to the Tab Pages to make the journals more personal!

Here's an Idea that doesn't cost a dime,
but the returns on this investment can be ETERNAL!
This was one of the most important lessons
I learned in my home growing up.  It was a very simple
thing, but it has made Conference a more personal
experience for me.
This has become one of my
FAVORITE Conference Traditions!
Before Conference, my mom would call me into her bedroom.
She would ask me if I had any questions or concerns.
She challenged me to write them down.
She encouraged me to pray that I would be able to get the
answers during the conference sessions. She let me know that
she and my dad would be praying for me as well.
I have loved being able to kneel down with my
boys and pray with them and for them.
When they were small . . . their questions were so
simple and sweet.  As they became teenagers . . . the
questions and concerns were more difficult.
I can say, whether the question or concern is simple
or difficult . . . answers will come!
This was an amazing blessing in my life, and
continues to be a blessing for my own family.
I am always humbled when I received the answer
to my exact question!
How Truly Blessed We Are
To Have the Gospel!


Bybee's said...

Nicely done Trish! Came across perfectly.

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks Bybes! I was hoping!

Rfamily said...

You are amazing! What Talent!
Thanks again for many hours of hard work!

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks for the feedback . . . I really do appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Do you recommend using regular printer paper or cardstock? Does it matter?

K said...

Wow, these are perfect conference journals but I can't get the link to work. How do I find it in GoogleGroups? Thanks a bunch!

Prepared Not Scared said...

Try these links:
Girl Packet:
Boy Packet:
Let me know if you have any other problems.