Monday, March 29, 2010

Conference Awards!

I decided to make a few AWARDS to give for
Reverent Behavior during Conference.
With Easter on it's way, I noticed that there were
stuffed animals everywhere.
Seriously . . . every store I went to had tons!
I found several different stuffed animals for under $4.00.
Here are a few Award Ideas I came up with
using the stuffed animal as part of the award:
The "QUIET as a MOUSE" Award
(Stuffed Mouse)
Here's the Award PDF:
The "SILENT Sammy the Snake" Award
(Felt or Plastic Snake)
Here's the PDF:
The "I didn't make a PEEP during Conference" Award
(Stuffed Chick or Marshmallow Peeps)
Here's the PDF:
The "Some-BUNNY got caught listening
during Conference Award
(Stuffed Bunny or Marshmallow Bunnies)
Here's the PDF:
The "When the Prophet says,
DO IT . . . I HOP TO IT!" Award
(Stuffed or Plastic Frog)
Here's the PDF:
By ENCOURAGING children to listen to conference
with POSITIVE incentives,
Conference can be LOOKED FORWARD TO
and NOT dreaded!
We are truly blessed to be able to listen to a
living Prophet!


Tricia Smith said...

I fixed the Bunny Award Link . . .Thanks for the heads-up!

Sheryl said...

I just linked to your blog from sugar doodle. You have such cute and fun ideas! Thanks for sharing - my kids will love these adorable awards.

Stacy said...

Oops! I forgot that the frog pdf is coming up with the chicks also.

Tricia Smith said...

Wow! I must have been having a morning. I fixed the frog too!
Thanks for keeping me on track!