Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Activity - Lucky the Leprechaun Surprises for the Neighbors!

One of our favorite things to do as a family
is TRY to be SNEAKY!
This activity requires STEALTH MOVES and SPEED.
(I don't really have either one, but that's ok!)
The goal is to help Lucky deliver a Lucky Surprise
to the neighbors
Gather the family to help put together the
Surprise Packages.
You will need:
Lucky the Leprechaun's Poem
Here's the PDF:
(Special Thanks to My Heart & Home for sharing
this one with us!
Some candy wrapped in gold foil.
1 Gold Dollar (Real or Chocolate)
These work too . . .
(They're included in the packet!)
Green M&M's
A Roll of New Pennies
(Opened and poured out into the bag.)
Plastic Gold Coins
and a
A Lucky Shamrock

We put all the Lucky Surprises into a
clear cellophane bag and tied it with a green bow.
We usually make our bags a few days before
St. Patrick's Day so that they're ready to go!
When it's time for the DELIVERY . . . Don't Forget,
The Gold Glitter!
Sprinkle the glitter and some of the
plastic gold coins on the door step,
Add the Surprise Package, Ring the Doorbell
and RUN!
Now, catch your breath and hide!
It's FUN to try and watch the family's expression
when they get their Lucky Surprise.
Just remember the goal is . . .
Watch for ANOTHER St. Patrick's Day Game
tomorrow as well as some seriously yummy
Banana Freezer Jam!

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