Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - More Ways to Store Food in Small Spaces!

I love thinking outside the box when it comes to
storing food!
I also love a CHALLENGE!
Finding space when there is none can prove to be somewhat of a
challenge, but the biggest challenge of all is storing food
without making your house look like a grocery store
or a caselots sale!
Here are a few ideas I came up with using:
A Clothes Hamper, A Storage Chest, and
 Bookcases and Baskets.
A Clothes Hamper . . .
The hamper below: Has dividers and can be used to seperate
different food storage items.
You could decorate with this anywhere in your home
and it would look great.
The hamper below: Is just a basic wicker hamper,
but inside . . . you could store a month's worth of dinners.
The hamper below: Could be used in an entryway or hallway.
Just add a cute framed picture, and a plant to the top,
and no one will ever know you have food inside!
(A lamp would even be cute!)
Because I love ribbon, I would probably thread a wide
ribbon through the larger holes near the lid and end with an
off-centered bow on the side.
A great fabric can also be folded and ironed to be used like
ribbon and threaded through the holes.
This is when food storage gets FUN!
You get to be creative and once it's done . . . it stays done!
Hampers come in every shape and size, find one that can work in
your space. If you can't find the color you want . . . 
a can of spray paint will do the trick!
A Storage Chest . . .
These chests are so stinkin' cute.
You can put them under a window with a couple of pillows, and
WahLah . . . a window seat with food storage hidden inside!
Here's another example of a storage chest.
This one can be used as a sofa table.
Super Cute!
A Bookcase and Baskets!
They don't have to be fancy or cost a fortune . . .
and you can get inexpensive baskets from Walmart.
Just a Note on the Baskets . . . Measure the space
BEFORE you purchase your baskets.
I thought I could just eyeball it, but it didn't turn out like
I thought it would.
Combine the two together and you can store all kinds of food!
The small baskets can hold seasoning packets and spices.
You can put rice, pasta, and WHEAT in the middle drawers,
and Meals in the large drawers.
You can find shelves like the ones pictured above, at IKEA.
They are pretty inexpensive and easy to assemble.
(If you read the instructions first!)
Here's another example:
You could also find a dresser and remove the doors or drawers
and replace them with baskets.
I almost forgot . . .
If you're not a big fan of wicker, you can use the fabric baskets.
Matching the color of the basket or bin with the color
of the shelf will make your storage system into a beautiful
piece of furniture.  They'll notice the decor on the top,
and not the food in the bins.

This little machine is the BEST for storing food
in small spaces.
It's the Food Saver!
I love it when I make soup, breakfast, dinner and dessert mixes.
I can store the mixes in bags instead of bulky jars. 
This is a great solution . . . especially when space it tight!
When you put them into the baskets or hamper,
it's like going through a file drawer. 
It's easy to find what you're looking for
and the bags are the perfect size.
When you store food this way, you will need to:
Add an Oxy-Pack to each bag.  This will greatly
increase the amount of time your food can be stored.
Make sure to add the date and instructions for meal prep
to the outside of the bag.
Make a List of the Meals, Mixes and other Foods you have
on hand, as well as where you have them stored.
All you have to do now is use it and replace it!
How easy is that?!?

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