Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conference ?'s Jar . . . Family Home Evening Lesson!

This Conference Activity will help you to
make sure your kids are listening!
(I hope!)

A Conference ?'s Jar
is a FUN way to test your Conference I.Q.
the Monday AFTER Conference
Family Home Evening.
Here's What YOU Do:
Print off the Conference ?'s PDF File
Cut out the question cards
(Each card has a different border color for each
session of Conference.)
Saturday Morning Session Card
Saturday Afternoon Session Card
Sunday Morning Session Card
Sunday Afternoon Session Card
Make sure you have pencils and pens on hand
during conference.
Find a Jar with a lid . . . so there will be no cheating!
and that's all there is to the prep work!
Instructions for the Conference ?'s Game
are Simple:
Have each family member fill out at least one ? card
during each session of conference.
When the question is filled out; fold the paper in half and
put all the questions in the jar.
Monday Night during FHE
the questions will be pulled from the jar.
Divide into 2 Teams and see who can
answer the most questions . . . correctly.
The Team with the Most Points WINS.
The Team that didn't will serve the winning team
Ice Cream Sundaes!
Here's the PDF:
There Ya Go!


Hilary said...

Thank you for this great idea. The PDF isn't working could you try to link it again? Thanks

Prepared Not Scared said...

It's fixed!

Hilary said...

Thank you!!!