Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vital Records - Employment: Retirement, Pension & Social Security Information!

This is the last part of the Employment Section!
To complete this section you will need:
Retirement and Pension Information
Profit Sharing Plans
Wages Statement or a Copy of Your Most Recent
Paycheck Stub
Social Security Annual Statements
Here's the PDF:
Just collect each of the documents listed above and place them
in clear page protectors with the matching divider page.
Next Week we will be starting the
Estate Planning Section.
Money and Order Forms need to be turned in
to Alicia Smith.


Lori said...

So glad to find your website -- Would love to have every download. Such great information all in one place. I'm in California and just started an emergency preparedness group with friends. Our group is growing quickly.

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

It's exciting to hear about your preparedness group! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I just found you on a Sugardoodle facebook post and this is just what I have been needing for my 72hr kit! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done and your willingness to share. Hurricane season is just around the corner!

Janelle Savage said...

I have all the other sections for the Vital records binder. I was hoping you could send me these. My E-mail address is

Thanks Janelle

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

Savages . . . what a cute family,
All of the pages you need for this section are your own personal financial records. Just include copies or the actual document to the pages listed above. (Each of the divider pages should be printed and put into clear page protectors. Information can then be added under each header.)
Are these the papers you were asking about?

Stacy said...

is there a PDF link for these pages. thanks

Prepared Not Scared said...

Holy Cow . . . I totally forgot to add the PDF! Sorry!
(Now I know what the Salvages Family was talking about a couple of comments ago.)
I'll fix that ASAP!Thanks for letting me know!