Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vital Records - School Information!

This Week's Vital Records Assignment:
Gather the Information listed below for
Each of the Schools Your Children Attend.
Elementary School
Jr. High
High School
and even College!
You will need to include:
School Information and Schedules
(I included a form for you to fill out
with the PDF File below.)
Copies of Emergency Contact Forms
(They are just up-dating the forms for next year,
so it's a great time to make a copy.)
School Transcripts
School Calendars
That's It!
Here's the PDF:
It's the First of the Month . . . Time to add some
Keep Saving Your Change!
Having some cash on hand in an Emergency
could make all the difference!
A Dr. Pepper run is NOT considered an Emergency!
UNLESS . . . ?
O.K. It's Not . . . but it was worth a try!

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