Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food Storage Meals & Menu Planning - Dessert: Sugar Cookies!

Today's Dessert Menu:
Sugar Cookies!
Here's the Recipe PDF:
(Recipe includes Sugar Cookie Dough and Butter Cream Frosting)
Cooking with Food Storage doesn't mean
hours in the kitchen.
You can add MIXES to your storage shelves and not
feel one bit of guilt!  There I said it, I use mixes sometimes!
It's important to know how to make things from scratch,
but when you need things in a hurry . . . mixes are a
great alternative!
(They usually go on sale all the time too!)
Either way the results will be AMAZING!
This Jiffy Sugar Cookie Mix
is a great addition to your Food Storage Supply.
There are several types of cookie mixes. 
The cost is usually under $2.00
Powdered Eggs work very well with these mixes.
Seriously . . . You should try them!
In just a few minutes you can make:
Mini Fruit Pizza's
Topping is made with cream cheese and sweetened
with a little powdered sugar.
Mix and spread over cooled sugar cookie.
 Thumbprint Cookies
Use a flower cookies cutter to make these flower cookies.
The centers can be candied marichino cherries, a little jam,
or a piece of chocolate.
I like to add the candy melts, but I wait until the cookies have
cooled and I just attach them with a little dot of frosting.
You can make the colored daisies with white or yellow centers.
ANY color would be stinkin' cute.
 Sprinkle Cookies
Add large sugar sprinkles before baking.
Even though this seems like the easy way out,
avoiding hours of decorating . . .
I think sprinkle cookies are super cute.
 Colored Sugar Cookies
Just add food coloring to the sugar cookie dough.
Divide dough before adding the color if you would like
more than one color.
These cookies are made with a circle cookie cutter,
a stylus or toothpick to make the button holes,
and the inside ring on the button is just made with a smaller
circle cutter pressed about half-way through
the thickness of the cookie.
(These steps need to be done BEFORE baking.)
Cinnamon Sugar Crispers
Roll sugar cookie dough balls into cinnamon sugar.
Flatten cookies before baking.
You can even make cookies on a stick!
Cookies on a stick can be any shape.
Just use your favorite cookie cutter.
Sticks need to be placed before baking.
You can use popsicle sticks or sucker sticks.
I usually make these cookies a little thicker so that they
are more sturdy on the stick.
I think these cookies would make the cutest Mother's Day Bouquet!
They could be set in a pot filled with beans, wrapped in cellophane
and tied with the napkin, or put into a small vase at each place setting.
You could also put a bunch of them into a larger pot
to use as a centerpiece!
(I'll take some pictures so you can see what I mean!)
Whether you make them from scratch or from
a mix . . . the possibilities are endless.

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