Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A House of Order . . . and FUN: Time of Day Job Charts!

Time of Day Job Charts are Awesome!
The kids know exactly what jobs need to be done
and when they need to do them.
They have Morning Jobs or a Morning Routine:
They have Jobs they do After School or in the
Middle of the Day:
They have Evening Jobs or an Evening Routine:
Here's the PDF:
Job Chart Instructions:
Print the "Time of Day" PDF File.
Add Photos of kids doing each of their jobs
 to the white square,
Download this PDF and you can type your own
jobs in the white box and then print the file.
Here's that PDF:
Time of Day Small Chart PDF:
You will have two sizes to choose from.
I would use the larger size for photos for sure, but if
you are just going to type the jobs in the box the smaller
size is perfect for little hands.
Laminate Chore Tags.
Punch Hole in the Top of the Tag.
You can hang job charts on the fridge with the
magnetic hooks.
You can use a Family Magnetic Board with the
same magnetic hooks.
You can get the hooks from Target, Walmart, or
Office Supply Stores.
You can also use a c-ring or ribbon to clip or tie 
all of their jobs tags together.
As they finish each job, just flip to the next tag.
Each Day Jobs are Done
your kids can put an "X" in one of the squares.
When the chart is filled up . . . They get a REWARD!
Here's the Chart and PDF:
I laminated my chart and I use a wet-erase marker
to mark the completed jobs.
At the end of the month, I just wipe it clean with
a wet wipe.
If you feel like you need to give weekly rewards,
Here's a Weekly Chart for You to Print:
Thank You
for all your technical support!
I was hanging on by my last fingernail by about 3:00 am
trying to figure this thing out!
Bless Your Hearts Forever!!!


JOY said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! I'm all about lists for my kiddos!

Jill said...

I am going to us this for my 5 year old.