Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Activity - Indoor Hide and Seek!

Family Hide and Seek!

Who would have thought that such an old game
could still be so much FUN?!?
It's hard to believe that in a world so focused
on extreme entertainment, that a game so simple as
"Hide and Seek"
could actually keep us entertained.
It's especially fun in my house, because none of us
can stay quiet for more that 1 minute.
Most of the time I just sit in the corner and giggle until
my cheek muscles start to seize up!
Sooo FUN!
I have a feeling your kids will have a great time, no matter
how old they are.
Families with older kids should try . . .
"Hide and Seek in the Dark"
is even better!
The only person with a flashlight is the one who is IT.
The rest of the family has to find their hiding places in the dark.
(Just make sure you secure any breakables.)
If you don't want to use a flashlight,
you can just flip the lights
on and everyone hiding has to stay where they are.
What you thought was a great hiding place in the dark,
might leave you hiding in plain sight once the lights are on.
Hope you have a Great Night with Your Family!
After all that running around, you won't
feel one bit of guilt as you whip up an
Rootbeer Float!
If you really want to go CrAzY . . .
You could use Cream Soda, Orange Soda or
Dr. Pepper!
Just get everyone their own can of pop in their favorite flavor,
and ENJOY!


Russ and Erin said...

I came to an RS meeting where you talked about Food storage. You made some very yummy apple crisp. I have a bunch of apples and I want to can some like yours. Could you send me the directions. Thanks! my email is

Anonymous said...

That Rootbeer float looks so amazing! I recall playing hide and seek as a kid, teenager, young adult, young mother and YW leader the game never grows old and the best part is what it costs:)