Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Activity - Pictures at the Temple!

So, when was the last time you took
your family to Temple Square?
Springtime at Temple Square is AMAZING!
The flowers seem to bloom a little longer and
the colors are just a little brighter.
What a great time to take your family for pictures!
I know the last family activity was a Family Photo Night,
but pictures at Temple Square in the Spring are
Definately Worth a REPEAT!
Make sure you hit the platform that stands in front of the
Temple. From this point,
you can see the whole temple in the background.

This is the Spot!
 Take individual pictures of each of your children in that spot.
Putting your children in the picture with the temple
will help them to see themselves in that sacred place.
Temple Square isn't the only place to go for temple pictures.

Every temple is BEAUTIFUL and would be a perfect backdrop
for the pictures you take.
Pictures can be framed and given to your children to keep in their bedrooms.
This is a great way to remind them to keep their
sights on the things that last!

It's never too soon to start . . .
and it's a FUN FAMILY TRADITION for sure!
(The picture below is one of my parents, taken during one of our
Family Picture Days at the Temple.  I made wallet-sized pictures
 for my boys to carry with them.
Without saying a word, my parents are bearing their testimony of the importance
of making the temple a long-term committment.  There is a TRUE HAPPINESS
that comes from this sacred place . . . and this picture shows that!)
My Parents are so stinkin' cute!
They are truly "Eternal Sweethearts!"
I added this to the back of the pictures I gave my boys:
Not just for NOW . . . but for ALL ETERNITY,
We are sealed together as a FAMILY!
We look forward to the day YOU will enter into the
sacred doors of the temple.
It's Worth It to be Worthy!
The best traditions are the one's that draw us close as
a Family and keep us focussed on the things that
The Blessings of the Temple, REALLY Matter!
You may want to make a
on the way home.
Treats are a great way to get them to hold still
just a little bit longer for the cute poses you imagined getting on the first try,
but then . . . reality hit and you realized it was going to take a few more than that!
We use the treats as a bribe, so that we can take MORE pictures!
Have a GREAT Day!


Cherie Nelson said...

So funny! Taking my kids to temple square has been on my mind a lot lately! We haven't been for years and years and we only live just over an hour away! So because the kids have no school this next Tuesday, I am planning on taking them then. Thanks for the idea of taking pictures of them in front of the temple! I think that will be GREAT!

thegirlwiththeplan said...

I just did a post about how to preserve these precious family picts. here.