Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Hold to the Rod" Conference Treat!

This is something I am planning on giving my boys
on Sunday Morning before the first session of Conference.
You can give it a couple different ways:
(Pictures Coming!)
You can print the poem and give it with a bag of
Pretzel Rods dipped in caramel and chocolate, wrapped in
a cellophane bag . . .
You can put some fun surprises into the inside of an
empty toilet paper roll wrapped in colored cardstock,
and then wrapped again with the cellophane and tied on both ends.
I just attached the tag with the ribbon on one of the ends.
(Pictures Coming!)
Here's the Poem PDF:


Stacey Weller, Seattle WA said...

Did you make this? I'd like to copy and paste it in facebook. Would that be okay with you?

Prepared Not Scared said...

I did, and you are welcome to post it!
Thank you for asking!
Hope you have a great day,