Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Activity - Blanket Forts are the BEST!

When I think of some of my favorite adventures as a
little girl . . . BLANKET FORTS are in the Top 10!
My sisters and I made them under tables, over chairs,
and on the clothes line.  We could spend hours rearranging
every blanket and pillow we could find.  My brother's job was
to tear them down so we could start all over again,
bless his little heart!
My boys have carried on this great tradition and it's fun to see
their imaginations at work.
It may look like just a pile of blankets to us . . .
But to them . . .
It could be a giant castle!
I have two older boys and two younger boys. 
All of a sudden the older boys seem to think they have
advanced far beyond the fort making years,
but when the younger boys start building their blanket forts
it's only a matter of minutes before the older ones are joining in.
It's just to hard to resist a good Blanket Fort!
 Oh, to be back in the day when we saw everything as an
instead of just a pile of blankets that need to be folded.
We can still do ADVENTURE . . . RIGHT?!?
(I know you can, and you have a few hours to
mentally prepare, just in case you're feeling a little rusty!)
Here are a few fort making tools
you may want to have on hand:
Clothes Pins
Story Books
A Card Table
Parents Challenge:
Step back in time and remember what it was like to just
Get into the fort building adventure and have fun.
Crawl inside and read stories and play games with your kids.
Don't worry about the mess for just one minute.
You'll always have something that needs to be cleaned,
BUT . . .
Little ones don't stay little for very long,
so enjoy this time with them while you still have it!
Here's a Great Blanket Fort Treat Recipe:
The BEST Rice Krispy Squares 
You've Ever Had!
My mother-in-law made these and HOLY COW,
they were AMAZING!
Cupcake Pebbles Cereal
(I know, I hadn't heard of them before either!)
Butter, Divided
Powdered Sugar
Follow the package directions to make your
Rice Krispy Squares
(I always add extra marshmallows . . . nothing is worse than
a dried up rice krispy square!)
Spray Muffin Tins with Cooking Spray and
press prepared rice krispy squares into each space
leaving a little bit of a round top - like a cupcake.
The next part is what puts them over the top.
You FROST them with . . . Butter Cream Frosting!
Here's the Recipe:
4 cups Powdered Sugar
1/2 cup Butter, Softened
6 Tbsp. Milk
1 tsp. Vanilla
(Add 1-2 more Tbsp. of Milk if it's too thick.)
Just frost the tops of the cooled rice krispy treats
to make them look like Cupcakes.
You just made
the Best Rice Krispy Treats EVER!
Wouldn't these make the cutest Mother's Day Place Settings!
(I just turned a goblet upside down and tied a bow.)

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