Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preparedness Project

Food Storage Menu Planner

     Keeping track of the Food Storage Meals we have on hand isn't always easy!  Sometimes the food goes bad simply because we have forgotten what we have stored.  Using this menu planner will serve as a ready resource in choosing meals for our families.  You can choose the set of menu options we have organized for you, or you can personalize your own set.  The Menu Plan we have created will be featured in recipes and available for tasting in Relief Society meetings throughout the year. 
     We made an extra Food Storage Menu Planner and will be giving it away at the next Relief Society Meeting on February 4th @ 7:00 pm.  For those of you who don't plan on winning . . . you can make your own that night!  (Project costs and order form will be available on Sunday!)
     We are including the PDF files for the menu item cards today.  Watch for the Shopping List Inserts in next Wednesday's post. 
Here's the Instruction PDF:


JamieBean said...

Love the new site! I want to make this and was just wondering where I can find the PDF file for the menu item cards and also the planner label? I only see the PDF for the assembly instructions above.
Thanks and keep up the great work!

steamboatexpress said...

I still couldn't find the PDF for the menu cards and the planner label are they somewhere else?

Julie said...

I would love to do this project too. Is there a PDF for the inside pages and covers?
You are truly amazing!

Julie said...

I see you highlighted the link to the instructions. I still don't see the cover page and inside pages. Also, you said the Shopping List inserts would be posted the next Wed., but I can't find a post for Jan 13th. Thanks for your help and generosity in sharing.

Tricia Smith said...

Let me see what I can do. I'll post them on the side bar.
Thanks for being patient!

Tricia Smith said...

I finally added the PDF. It's included in this post as well as the sidebar.
Thanks for letting me know!

Julie said...

Hi Tricia!
I must not be seeing it. I can only find the link for the instructions still. I can't find it on the sidebar either. Please help. I got everything to do it along with many of your other super fantastic projects. You are one talented lady. Thanks again.

Tricia Smith said...

I'm so sorry . . . I think I keep deleting it somehow! I will have Madison send it to me again so that I can add it. (Luckily when my computer crashed, she kept a copy . . . Love that Madison!)
I'll send her an email first thing in the morning.
Thanks for keeping me on track,