Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Setting a Budget!

So have you ever heard of Budget Boot Camp?
Oh, it's real alright!
It's what happens when you have to explain why your checkbook balance is not even close to what you thought you had, and it's only been two days since your last pay day!
The Prophet's have reminded us over and over not to get into debt, and if we are in debt . . .
They have counciled that, NOW is the time
to put our houses in order, 
To get debts paid off, and to put some money aside for a rainy day. 
We think this will help!
Our first suggestion is to read the Family Finance Guide - Safely Gathered In, found on
They suggest you:
Pay Tithes and Offerings
Avoid Debt
Use a Budget
Build a Reserve
Teach Family Members
Sit down with your spouse and then with your children to make goals and plans to become
We are including a Monthly Budget and Spending Sheet
to help you keep track of where you are spending your money. 
When we see the way we are spending, we can find places to cut back and save.
Using a CASH SYSTEM is a great place to start!
Divide your bills into 2 categories: 
Fixed Expenses and Flexible Expenses.
Don't forget to add Food Storage to your FIXED expenses!
Keep track of EVERYTHING you are spending.
Make changes where you can . . . Pay your Tithing . . . and Save!
Remember: To use your Family Preparedness Bank.

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