Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preparedness Project

Our Family Preparedness Bank!
So what in the world is a Family Preparedness Bank?
It's a #10 can that has been sealed without anything inside!  A hole is cut into the top for change (including paper money), add the label, and that's all there is to it! 
The best part of the preparedness bank is . . .
If someone tries to sneak, everyone will know! 
The bank has to be opened with a can opener.
No sneaking a few quarters for a caffine free Dr. Pepper run!
Having a preparedness bank will give you cash on hand
 in case of an emergency. 
If you needed cash and the ATM machines were down . . .
What would you do?
Now you won't have to worry!  Sit down with your family and explain the preparedness bank.  Encourage everyone to participate. 
What a great way to teach little ones
the importance of saving for emergencies.
We will be making Family Preparedness Banks at the
Relief Society Meeting on February 4th.
Sign-Up Sheets will be on the table near the south doors this Sunday!
Family Preparedness Bank Labels PDF
We print our labels on crack-n-peel paper.
You can make 1 for your family, or give each
family member his/her own.

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