Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - CONTEST!

Are you ready for a TEST?
We have covered quite a few different subjects under the topic of
Emergency Preparedness.
So . . . I thought NOW would be a great time to see
what you've learned.
The First Two People to finish the TEST with 100% will
WIN a Thanksgiving Surprise!
Are YOU Ready?
Question #1:
What is the most inexpensive and accessible,
but most often forgotten
Emergency Preparedness Item YOU should have stored?
Question #2:
How much of this item should YOU store per person?
Question #3:
What is the first thing YOU should do if a fire starts in your home?
Question #4:
A _______________ is a plan that families should have ready
in case of an emergency.
Question #5:
If your home were to burn to the ground, what is the one
thing YOU would need to take with you . . . besides your family,
to make the process of starting over again an easier process?
Question #6:
Name 10 items you should have stored in your 72 Hour Kits.
This question may have several different answers,
but as long as the 10 you have are on the list,
Question #7:
According to the LDS Cannery Order Form . . .
How long can YOU store wheat?
Question #8:
Name 5 things you can do with wheat.
Question #9:
If I were canning green beans, would I use a
Steamer, Waterbath Canner, or a Pressure Canner?
Question #10:
How long should you process a pint of chicken?
Bonus Question:
Explain the difference between Freeze Dried and Dehydrated.
Here's the Test PDF:
Good Luck EVERYONE!!!
Winners will be posted by:
3:00 pm TODAY!


Stephanie said...

2-24 gallons per person or
3-grab the kids, bug out bags and get out
4-Family Disaster Plan or Evacuation Plan
5- bug out bag
6-clothes, water, food, flashlight, radio, matches,money, batteries, pocket knife, first aid supplies, utensils,dishes, medication, toiletries
7-30 years
8-make bread, scones, cookies, pancakes,muffins, pasta
9-pressure canner
10-75 minutes
freeze dried is frozen fresh and when thawed it is the same as before- dehydrated is when you take all the moisture or water out of it- it is dried- you have to add the moisture back into it to make it normal again

Anonymous said...

2- 2 gallons per person per day
3-Grab kids and get out
4- Evacuation
5- Vital Records Binder kept in fireproof safe
6- clothing, food, water, 1st aid kit, matches, heat blankets, flashlights, emergency radio, kid activities, poncho
7- 30 years
8- bread, tortillas, crepes, pancakes, muffins
9- pressure canner
10- 75 minutes
Bonus- Freeze dried are food frozen then dehydrated

MelBlocks said...

Question #1:
Question #2:
1 gallon
Question #3:
Get out!
Question #4:
Emergency escape/Evacuation plan
Question #5:
Vital Records Binder
Question #6:
Food, Water, Clothing, Blanket, Flashlight, Batteries, Radio, First Aid Kit, Hand sanitizer of some sort, Knife/scissors or some sort.
Question #7:
30 + years
Question #8:
Sprout, Grow, Grind, Store, cook
Question #9:
Pressure Canner
Question #10:
75 min
Bonus Question:
Freeze-dried is much better than dehydration because the dehydration process involves removing most of the water from the food through extreme heat which changes the flavor and cooks out several vitamins etc. Freeze-drying is a special process that simply takes out the water and oxygen and lasts much longer.

Heather Young said...

Question #1: Water!

Question #2: Minimum of 3 gallons per person per day

Question #3: Grab Your Family and Emergency Kit and get out of the house.

Question #4: Family Disaster Plan/Evacuation Plan

Question #5: Vital Documents/Records Binder

Question #6:
2.Toilet paper/Baby wipes
3.Hand Sanitizer/Soap
4.Scriptures/Hymn Book
6.Light source/Heat Source
7.First Aid Kit/Medications
8.Extra Clothes/Outerwear
9.vital records/ document Binder

Question #7:30+ years

Question #8:
1.Grind it into flour for bread
2.make hot cereal
3.sprout it/grow wheat grass
4.Make cracked Wheat
5.steam it
6.make heating pads (like you can do with rice, corn or peas)

Question #9:Pressure Canner

Question #10:75 Minutes

Bonus Question:

Dehydrated food is made dry by a dehydration process. where the food is subjected to low temperature heating to remove the moisture from the food.Freeze dried foods are dried by using an extremely cold vacuum that removes the moisture from the food.

Anonymous said...

Question #1:
Question #2:
24 Gallons Per Person!
Question #3:
Get kiddos and you out – if small smother to put it out!
Question #4:
A ______Family Disaster Plan_________ is a plan that families should have ready
in case of an emergency.
Question #5:
Vital Records binder
Question #6:
warm clothing
first aide
heat source
a way to cook food
some thing to entertain the kiddos
Question #7:
30 + years
Question #8:
Wheat berries
wheat grass
meat extender

Question #9:
Pressure Canner
Question #10:
How long should you process a pint of chicken?
Quart jars will need to process for 90 minutes.
Pint jars will need to process for 75 minutes.
Process jars at 15 psi.

Bonus Question:
Explain the difference between Freeze Dried special process commercially done flash freezed and Dehydrated –dried out with a dehydrator, oven or car method.

stacey k. tulsa, ok

Stacy said...

#1. water
2. 24 gallons per person
3. Grab my kids! and get out!
4. family disaster plan
5. vital records binder
6. water,clothing,hygiene products, emergency blanket,snacks,first aid kit,scissors,waterproof matches,flashlights and ponchos
7. 30+years
8. make flour,added cracked wheat to meat to extend it,put sprouted wheat on sandwiches or salads,use flour as a thickener in soups,pop and eat like popcorn
9. pressure canner
10. 75 minutes
Bonus:freeze dried foods come with seasonings,etc and just need hydration while dehydrated food has not been seasoned or cooked so you must add the seasoning, rehydrate and cook it.

Stacy said...

Hey I don't see my post from earlier today!
1. water
2. 24 gallons
3. try to put it out if it's small if not GET the Kids and get out!
4. family disaster plan
5. vital records binder
6:water,clothing,hygiene items,emergency blanket,snacks, first aid kit,scissors,waterproof matches,flashlight,poncho
7. 30years
8.make flour,added cracked wheat to extend meat,sprouted wheat on salads and sandwiches,thickener for soup,popped and eaten like popcorn
9.pressure canner
10.75 minutes
Bonus:freeze-dried food comes seasoned and just needs hydration whereas dehydrated food has not been cooked or seasoned.

Stephanie said...

I noticed no winners have been posted- does that mean no one has gotten 100% yet? If so I would like to redo/add to some of my answers that I forgot to go back to.