Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To All Winners of the Contest . . .

This was like oh, maybe just a few moons ago. ;) 
 I mailed the packages yesterday for Tricia and
you should have already received them today
or will receive them tomorrow. 
It was a 10 Steps to Organized Workbook
from our company and she threw in a
Responsibility CD packet and an Allowance Notepad too,
since you had to wait just a teensy tiny bit. 
So . . . if you get a package in the mail and have no idea
why Tricia is sending it to you,
you might have forgotten you were one of the winners. 
It's Christmas for you!!!!!  
Shhhhhh . . . (Don't tell Valerie, it's Trish!)
I just wanted to let you know that I will make up for lost time.
I still have tons of fun Thanksgiving and soon to be coming
Christmas Ideas to share with YOU, along with all
of the normal Preparedness Posts.
If all goes well, I'll be posting by tomorrow!
Thanks You
for your help
Valerie and Carrie!
Much Appreciated!


Tara M said...

Yippeee I got mine today! Thanks so much for the goodies. What a treat!

Tricia Smith said...

Woot . . . Woot!
I hope it was worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the package and the extra goodies.
I look forward to reading it all tonight.
from California


I didn't get mine...I am so bummed. Do you have it on file so I can print it out? Thanks! Sade P.